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Local Admin Rights, Managed

Admin By Request’s Endpoint Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution is designed to solve the security and productivity challenges relating to Local Administration rights usage within today’s security conscious and highly distributed enterprises.

The world-class, comprehensive and secure SaaS-based PAM solution empowers businesses to protect their sensitive data and systems from cyber threats, while maintaining compliance and ease of use for their employees – all without sacrificing user productivity.

Employees achieve optimum productivity by utilizing secure methods to safely elevate the everyday trusted tasks. IT departments achieve significant time and resource savings as employee requests for elevation are offloaded and routed through streamlined, fully audited, and automated workflows.

Key Features

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Azure Active Directory Support

With built-in support for Azure AD, administrators using Admin By Request can pull exisitng groups of users and devices into their User Portal and apply different settings based on group (i.e. rules, access permissions, abilities).

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Productivity-Focused Settings


Your Admin By Request configuration is highly flexible – it can be set up to allow for maximum productivity on both ends (user and admin), while still providing comprehensive security.

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Bulk Actions Available


Several Admin By Request core features are designed to help manage and apply rules to large numberss of users at a time, such as Clean Up Local Admins, Device Owner, and Global Settings and Sub-Settings.

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Efficient Deployment

Rolling Admin By Request out to 50,000+ endpoints is made easy with the help of software integrations to automate the process. Settings can be applied immediately and amanged from the online User Portal, with core features also available in the mobile app.

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Minimal Learning Required


For tech-savvy IT admins who have access to the User Portal, there’s little possibility for error. The Dashboard is the home-base fro all core features, the GUI is clean and simple. Settings can be accessed and configured easily, and all actions are reversible.

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Manual Workload Reduced


With the range of self-service elevation methods on offer, as well as app control features like Pre-Approval and Auto-Approval, small but frequent tasks which would once have gone to your Helpdesk personnel are taken care of – reducing manual workload and freeing resources.

Key Benefits

No Relearning Required

For end users, the Admin By Request application is nothing new. Once deployed on the endpoint, in most cases it simply replaces the Windows UAC prompt – which most employees are already familiar with. New features that aren’t part of the UAC experience are simple and intuitive, and don’t require extensive amounts of end user training, if any.

Range of Elevation Methods

Whether a developer in the IT department, a tech-newbie in HR, or a thrid-party consultant needing to service one of your endpoints, there’s a method of elevation appropriate for every user. All features come out-of-the-bos with Admin By Request and can be tailored to the needs of individual users or groups.

Instant Access

Users no longer have to wait for an IT admin to physically ome to their device adn enter admin credentials prior to approval. Requests for elevation can be given approvall remotely, via the mobile app, or granted immediately without approval (if configured in Settings). With App Control features such as Pre-Approval (whitelisting), and AI and Machine Learning Auto-Approvals, the most popular apps with your users can be identified and approved for them automatically.

Peace of Mind

Protected users are productive users. With the appropriate controls in place dictating what your users can and can’t do – requiring approval prior to elevation, blocklisting of certain applications, settings applied to individual users and groups, and malware scans on executables flagging malicious files – they can function in their roles with peace of mind, confident that they won’t end up brealking business rules and accidentally installing malware.

Use Case


With a team of 2000 spread across the globe, ADVA Optical Networking SE is a technology leader and the architects of some of the world’s most advanced networks. Their goal is to provide scalable solutions for transporting data, to meet increasing bandwidth demands and the needs of their customers. The main issue faced by ADVA was security. They wanted to remove employees from the local admin group to prevent unintended malware installation and other security risks that come with administrator access.

The company also wanted employees (in particular, developers) to have the ability to install software themselves in a secure manner rather than relying on Help Desk personnel and be able to access software and system settings as required in order to perform their jobs.


Admin By Request’s Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution was chosen for its ease of use – particularly the self-service nature of the end-user application and the functionality to immediately remove unwanted users from the local admin’s group within the online User Portal. 

Deployment across ADVA devices was completed in three phases over the course of approximately 6 months, starting with the entire IT department, then going location by location. Deployment and implementation over 2500 ADVA Windows 10 endpoints was hassle-free, with configuration taking approximately two months including testing.



After deployment and configuration, users were removed from the local admin group across the board. Those requiring admin privileges to do their jobs (i.e. developers) migrated to using the Admin By Request endpoint client to self-obtain this on an as-needed basis.

Full adoption of the software was complete within approximately two months of operation, and users were stil able to do their jobs throughout the process with no decresase in productivtiy noted.

ADVA has implemented Admin By Request on all endpoints, and plans to extend the use of the PAM solution to additional endpoints and the organisation grows.


One of the country’s largest and greenest food chains, Coop provides affordable food products to the people of Sweden via approximately 800 physical supermarkets and an online store. As a Cooperative Business, it’s owned by 3.7 million members, and is the workplace of roughly ten thousands employees.

Coop have around 100 IT personnel within their team of thousands that require administratice access to do their jobs. However, upon investigation, they found that up to 1000 employees had permanent administrative access to company devices, and there was no system in place to control or monitor these privileged users.

The challenge faced by Coop was simple: keep track of all the administrative usres within their 650 connected workplace in company grocery stores acrooss.Sweden.



With the main goal of identifying and minimising the number of users with administrative access, Coop established that a simple, no-frills solutions was needed. Admin By Request’s Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution was chosen due to its deployment efficiency, intuitive functionaltiry and design, and its core features – in particular, the feature that would allow Coop to swiftly revoke all elevated privileges and start afresh with confidence.

Admin By Request was deployed to every company endpoint over the course of 6 months as part of a rollout strategy that included a mass upgrade and update of all computers, and the adoption of Microsoft Intune.



Coop now provide admin access to employees exclusively through Admin By Request, with the result being visibility, control, and increased security.

Coop have saved time and monetary resources, with an estimated 25% reduction in Service Desk cases after implementation of Admin By Request. Domain and Sysadmins have noticed both the extra layers of security, and the decreased workload on the Service Desk. Regular users have remained productive throughout the implementation and are satisfied using the product on a regular/daily basis.

In early 2022 Coop added 1300 Windows seats to their license, and plan to continue using Admin By Request in all company workplaces; adding seats as the organisation expands to more locations around Sweden.


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