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Create Trust in the Identity Lifecycle. 

HYPR is on a mission to improve the lives of security-minded leaders, their employees and customers by helping organizations create trust in the identity lifecycle. HYPR provides the strongest end-to-end identity security, combining modern passwordless authentication with adaptive risk mitigation, automated identity verification and a simple, intuitive user experience. With a third-party validated ROI of 324%, HYPR easily integrates with existing identity and security tools and can be rapidly deployed at scale in the most complex environments.

Key Features
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HYPR Adapt
• Reduce risk of unauthorised access.
• Improve the user experience with individualised authentication flows.
• Reduce security investigation times.
• Streamline operations and compliance .
• Enable end-to-end visibility.
• Connect your entire security ecosystem.
• Define policies your way.
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The Identity Assurance Platform
• Stop credential-based attacks with strong, intuitive
authentication based on the FIDO passkey standard.
• Enhance security with integrated, automated and comprehensive identity verification.
• Combat identity fraud and risk through sophisticated analysis of contextual information, real-time events, and user behaviour.
• Improve user experience with 30% faster logins, automated
identity verification and support for user choice.
• Gain security, visibility and control across the identity
lifecycle through a single robust and extensible framework.
• Deploy a mature, enterprise-proven solution that delivers validated ROI of 324%.
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HYPR Authenticate
• Stop credential stuffing, phishing, MFA bombing, MitM and other tactics that defeat traditional MFA.
• Simplify Login and Remove User Friction.
• Secure your workforce, whether in-office or remote, from the desktop to the cloud.
• Provide Authentication Flexibility and Choice.
• 324% Independently Verified ROI.
• Deploy passkey-based MFA that is FIDO Certified from end-to-end.
• Strengthen protection of sensitive data and PII to comply with GDPR and other data privacy regulations.
• Meet Zero Trust authentication standards.
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HYPR Affirm
• Prevent identity fraud with multi-layered identity verification.
• Simplify and automate identity verification.
• Continuously assure identity across the full lifecycle.
• Comply with data security and privacy regulations.
• Replace manual, disconnected, and ineffective verification processes.

Key Benefits

Uncompromising Security Assurance

Easily deploy phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication everywhere, from desktop to cloud. Stop all authentication-based attacks, including ransomware, push attacks and account takeover with True Passwordless MFA secured by public-key cryptography.

Consumer-Grade User Experience

Get seamless passwordless authentication that’s 300% faster than legacy login methods, for a user experience employees and customers love. Fast deployment and no password resets make IT teams happy too.

Do More with your Authentication Spend

Your organisation invests a lot of time and resources in identity security yet password reset headaches remain a daily struggle. Rip and replace is not an option — we understand. That’s why HYPR provides native plugins so you can seamlessly integrate True Passwordless Security and other FIDO-based technology with your existing identity infrastructure within days.

Ensure Compliance
Ensure compliance with data privacy and security regulations and meet your multi-factor authentication requirements for cybersecurity insurance. HYPR provides Zero-Trust compliant authentication that is FIDO Certified from end to end.

Experience 300X Faster Login Speeds

HYPR combines True Passwordless Authentication with a mobile-first user experience, enabling users to login more than 300% faster than password-based MFA.

Use Case

Strong Customer Authentication: Mastercard

Mastercard engaged HYPR on its ambitious project to reimagine customer multi-factor authentication with security and usability at the forefront. The global payment giant is leading the way in mobile payment innovation, with an aggressive push for moving beyond the constraints of a plastic credit card. The mobile world presents vast opportunities but also creates new avenues for fraud. As such, the company’s product leadership was focused on achieving best-in-class security and fraud protection that would satisfy the needs of their mobile users and massive ecosystem of banking partners.


A Challenging Use Case
The company’s project came with a mandate for enabling hardware-backed security for high-risk mobile transactions. The requirements stated that payment credentials such as biometrics and PINs be stored at the edge rather than in a centralized repository. In order to securely decentralize, isolate, and encrypt credentials on personal devices, Mastercard wanted to leverage standards-based approach to card-less payments. They would power mobile payments with FIDO Authentication.


Mastercard wanted to achieve maximum levels of interoperability. A key consideration was providing a solution that would not only be deployed across Mastercard products but would be easily consumed by banking partners and their applications. The solution would need to be robust enough to support both B2C and B2B2C use cases.


Finally, it was imperative that customer experience remain flawless, even with the additional security measures. The company’s global footprint came with a very fragmented and diverse device ecosystem. Achieving consistent user experience and device coverage required HYPR and Mastercard to work closely together on a solution that operates independent of device constraints.


Password-less = Card-less
As it turns out, the vision for card-less payments would have a lot in common with passwordless technology. Credit card numbers are like passwords – they can be stolen, shared, lost, or forgotten. It was clear that card-less authentication could benefit from the advances in the authentication space.

As part of the Mastercard deployment, HYPR provided the True Passwordless SDK to be integrated customer applications. The HYPR platform enabled a FIDO-Certified architecture and a fully customizable user interface provided the flexibility necessary for Mastercard’s customer ecosystem. Mastercard’s internal product teams and external banking partners could customize the look and feel of their authentication experience while maintaining best-in-class security.

Leading the Mobile Payments Revolution
HYPR’s Mastercard deployment ensures that all user credentials, biometric information and cryptographic keys are protected by hardware-backed security and always remain safe on mobile devices. This approach renders credential reuse infeasible and dramatically reduces the risk of mobile payment fraud. Mobile users enjoy a fast payment experience while Mastercard and its partner ecosystem benefit from a much more difficult fraud landscape.

The HYPR <> Mastercard integration enables frictionless mobile payments and transaction speeds never before possible with such high security. Deployed together, this solution presented the most advanced mobile payment security innovation since Apple Pay was unveiled.

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