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Making Cybersecurity Accessible and Effective for all Organisations

Netwrix empowers security professionals to face digital threats with confidence by enabling them to identify and protect sensitive data as well as to detect, respond to, and recover from attacks. More than 13,500 organisations across 100+ countries rely on Netwrix solutions to strengthen their security and compliance posture. 

Netwrix helps organisations to strengthen their security and compliance posture across all three primary attack vectors: data, identity and infrastructure.


Cover Every Element of Your Environment

To achieve your security goals, you need a clear and effective strategy. Netwrix can help you with every phase of your security journey across every element of your organisation, and choosing integrated solutions will simplify the work while eliminating blind spots.

The Netwrix portfolio addresses a complete range of cybersecurity functions:

  • Identify
  • Detect
  • Recover
  • Protect
  • Respond
  • Govern

Use Case

Horizon Leisure Centres is a not-for-profit organization that operates premier leisure centers Havant and Waterlooville in the UK. These centers are the largest leisure facilities in those boroughs, with more than 1.7 million visitors in 2017. Horizon aims to provide facilities and activities that make life better — at a price everyone in the community can afford.


  • Get GDPR ready and avoid penalties for non-compliance.
  • Identify what kind of data is stored across 500,000+ folders and subfolders and protect it in accordance with the requirements.
  • Satisfy requests from the data subjects (processing restrictions, erasures, etc.).


Iain was impressed with Netwrix Auditor’s search and reporting capabilities. He knows exactly what’s going on with data across file storages and can secure it in accordance with GDPR.

  • Optimise discovery and classification of sensitive data. As a first step to comply with GDPR, Iain ran data discovery. The software quickly scanned all data and showed the locations of files with regulated information. Then Iain reviewed where the sensitive data resides and checked if these locations were secure and only management had access to them. His team plans to repeat this process on a quarterly or bi-annual basis.
  • Fast search of regulated information. Though Horizon has not yet received any requests from data subjects, Iain wants to be ready to address them. Netwrix’s search capabilities enable him to satisfy such requests quickly and accurately. Iain estimates that the organization will save a great deal of time and money on this process.
  • Control over activities around sensitive data. Netwrix shows Iain what is happening around most critical information. He regularly reviews activity summaries for sensitive files and folders to detect anomalous actions that might require attention. He also configured alerts on events that can pose risk to regulated data, such as bulk modification, deletion or copying of data and excessive failed access attempts.


  • GDPR compliance at no additional cost and effort
  • Fast response to data subject requests
  • Timely detection of improper activity around the data

Use Case

IntaPeople is a specialist recruitment consultancy offering first-rate talent solutions within technology and engineering, with offices in Cardiff and London, UK. Since 1994, its team members have served as experts in sourcing high-quality candidates for a wide range of permanent, contract and temporary positions across Wales, the UK and Europe.


  • Streamline monitoring of user activity across the IT infrastructure, with increased focus on file servers for ongoing GDPR compliance.
  • Detect and thwart violations around sensitive data, which includes candidates’ IDs, passport images, phone numbers and so on.


Rob Samuel named several reasons in favor of Netwrix Auditor over the competition: user-friendly interface; ability to customise alerts and reports in order to receive only meaningful information without noise; painless implementation and configuration process.

  • Meeting GDPR requirements.Netwrix Auditor enables Rob to make sure that the company stores and processes regulated information in compliance with GDPR. Namely, he can manage access to sensitive information and enable full visibility into data activity. For example, to make sure that sensitive data can be accessed only by authorised users, he uses the software to check data access permissions on a regular basis and detect any changes in access rights or group memberships. Plus, now Rob can easily find stale documents and then safely delete, as required by the legislation.
  • Detecting behavior anomalies.Netwrix Auditor helps Rob detect suspicious activity to identify and eliminate malicious intent in time. He especially values reports that show failed activity trend, as well as alerts on Active Directory changes, bulk file renames and deletions.
  • Reducing routine grind. Being the only person in the IT department, Rob uses Netwrix Auditor to optimise his daily routine. He can seamlessly monitor certain aspects of Active Directory, such as making sure that former employees’ accounts are disabled, and security group memberships are configured correctly. The software saves him around three to four hours a week, which is a good result for a fairly small environment.


  • Ongoing GDPR compliance
  • Improved data access governance
  • Enhanced security of the IT environment

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