Halodata partners with industry-acclaimed information
security solution providers, offering innovative products
with excellent customer service.

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100% Focused on Information Security

We have taken our years of security operations experience, threat intelligence, and significant technological advancements to reimagine information security posture for our clients and partners.

Why Halodata as your preferred Distribution Partner

We provide innovative and effective information security that helps accelerate business transformation and reduce risks across the organisation with information security consulting and managed security services.

The goals for our cybersecurity partnerships is simple:


Mutual Customers

Create the best solutions for our mutual customers.

Trusted Advisor

Become a trusted advisor for our our partners and their customers.

Maximise Profit

Maximise profit for your business year-on-year.

Program Built For Success

Halodata is committed to delivering a program that provides our Partners leading information security solutions that facilitate their success.

Guiding Principles

The guiding principles of the Halodata’s Partner Program provide the foundation of our Partner relationships and are built upon our core values.

Customer Focused

At every opportunity, Halodata and our Partners will provide an extraordinary client experience.


Clearly defined Rules of Engagement will establish a framework for market coverage and establish a predictable path to profitability for Partners.


Our partners and we will work together to set goals that benefit both parties. We will be jointly responsible for business planning, field execution, and ongoing training.


Halodata is committed to providing consistent Partner communications with full transparency.


Halodata will continually solicit partner feedback and work collaboratively to deliver an integrated Partner Program.

Partner EcoSystem

Partner Programs

Enabling Partners to Accelerate the Information Security Digital Transformation

Partner Portal

Your single, global gateway to the partner tools and information needed to grow your business with Halodata.

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