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Track record of success: Vision, Technology & Implementation

The COVID-19 global pandemic is making business operations around the world have opt for the employees to work from home and driving many enterprises into a hurried “tech on the fly” mode to keep business running smoothly.

The trajectory of connecting remote workers to the workplace is clear. However, employers and personnel may overlook the overall compatibility of their existing security, access, and traditional non-cloud applications.

The struggle to strike the right balance between flexibility and security for remote work employees and the effect on the workforce and the reduction in productivity that impacts business partners, suppliers, and society is a growing challenge.

Halodata MSP F1SRT now gives VAR partners the option of enhancing their capabilities to provide MSP-ready solutions to their end users via a unified management and monitoring platform.

Halodata MSP F1rst


MSP F1RST is a rounded MSP Partner Program offered by Halodata to existing or potential new “VAR to MSP partners.”


The program is driven by the current limitations in MSP solutions and models in the market.


The availability of flexible and easy Go-To-Market options is the key to success with a Win-Win formula and with the option to white label.


Allowing for ease of participation in small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses.

WHY halodata msp f1rst

Unified Billing

See all billing in one place. No matter how many bundles or entry points are subscribed, partners will have full transparency of the granular line by line statements—presentable hardcopy or PDF billing for any time.
Use our platform to replicate billing for your clients with an accurate breakdown.

Product Bundling

Choose the right bundles for your needs and tastes. Take only what is absolutely necessary and add as needed.
Can’t find the bundle you want? No problem. Pick a package and work on it.  You can handle your customers’ budgets with licensing flexibility.

Technical Support

Level 2 support operating to ensure support to our partners via our Helpdesk Portal. Our experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will be there to assist you. 

Partner Portal

A specialized partner portal with all of the tools and sales enablements you need to manage your MSP.

Discover whatever you require; it is all conveniently accessible to you 24/7/365

Halodata Academy

We provide free information security training and certification from industry experts.

Loyalty Program

It’s our way of saying thank you for all of your help and support. Collect as much as you want, with no time limit, and redeem your points anytime you like.


Speak with our experts if you need more information on the solutions. Gather the knowledge that will empower you to deploy the solution. 

If you are new to MSP, you can speak to our MSP experts and understand the overall platform and its administration by speaking to our onboarding specialist.

Monitoring & Management

A platform that enables you to manage your network more effectively through remote management, patch management, and a variety of other remote activities.

From providing a speedy broken fix to rapidly expanding the client base, a scalable solution is necessary to alleviate support engineers’ and administrators’ workloads.

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