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PingOne Neo – Decentralised Identity is Here

PingOne Neo provides identity verification (proofing), along with digital credential issuance and verification, so organisations can instantly ensure users are who they claim to be. Neo saves time by instantly ensuring the source, validity and accuracy of credentials and reduces costs associated with issuing physical credentials, managing personal accounts and preferences, managing eligibility, and mitigating identity theft.

Neo prevents fraudulent transactions, stops account takeovers and delivers speed-to-trust by putting users in control of their verified information.

Key Features

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User requests a verifiable credential from an issuer or service provider.

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The relying party attests the proof the uer provided is true and accurate. Using this information they create a cryptographically signed verifiable credential.

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The verifiable credential is stored in the customer’s digital wallet.

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Share data that is essential for the interaction to take place. Optional data is highlighted and not mandatory.

Key Benefits

Verify Credentials

Request the verified information that you require from users to do business and validate that information directly with the source.

Secure Users

Reduce the possibility of transaction fraud and account takeovers by ensuring the person behind the credential really is who they claim to be.

Eliminate Regulatory Risk

Gather, store, and protect only the user data you need, eliminating sensitive information that malicious actoes are after.

Increase Privacy

Digital credentials allow users to share only necessary identity information for a specific transaction, such as confirmation of age instead of date of birth.

Scalable Interoperability

Digital credentials enable organisations to more affordably and securely empower their customers to interact in more locations on-line and in-person without traditional backend integrations.

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