Apricorn – Whitepaper – Enough of the Noise: Let’s Embrace GDPR

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There is, and has been, a lot of noise around the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that comes into force in May of this year. Much of this has involved scare mongering with the prospect of large fines brought to the fore, primarily by organisations looking to promote their magic pill to solve the compliance challenge in one hit. Unfortunately, no such thing exists. GDPR is predominantly solved through first understanding where the biggest risk and gaps lie, then addressing those through the implementation of processes and procedures, documented to demonstrate compliance, and finally reinforcing through specific technologies. Everyone should embrace GDPR regardless of whether they are a citizen or a multi-national conglomerate. To the citizen – this is your data, you have every right to expect it to be treated responsibly and with your permission. To the businesses – it is time to take your obligations seriously. GDPR is an opportunity for both sides of the data exchange relationship to get their house in order. It’s about time, wouldn’t you agree?