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CylanceGATEWAY brings several advanced technologies together to keep network environments secure. It is built upon a robust TCP/IP stack, optimised for mobile and remote devices, and can detect threats in encrypted packets. It uses AI to detect suspicious behaviour and anomalies throughout the environment, adjust access in real-time, and correlates and contextualises threat information often overlooked by legacy solutions, CylanceGATEWAY protects networks, applications, and data with disrupting user productivity and without sacrificing privacy. Segmentation capabilities hide applications from public visibility, reducing the risk of DDoS attacks and preventing lateral movement. Source IP Pinning limits SaaS app connectivity to only trusted and known IPs, and the power to use customisable private IPs offers the flexibility to avoid errors in routing with other endpoint. CylanceGATEWAY enables precise identity-aware, access provisioning to on-premises and cloud resources.