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In a perfect world, endpoints would be impregnable, users would be immune to phishing scams, and vulnerable systems would always be patched promptly. In the real world, however, prudent organizations prepare for the near-certainty of a breach by deploying CylanceOPTICS®, the BlackBerry® Cyber Suite solution for next-gen endpoint detection and response (EDR).
CylanceOPTICS enables security operations center (SOC) analysts to detect early signs of a breach so that containment responses can be initiated quickly to minimize damage. Reducing response time is not only essential for operational resilience, it also benefits the bottom line. Organizations that resolve incidents in less than 200 days realize an average costs savings of $1.12 million. CylanceOPTICS also arms analysts with the threat hunting and root cause analysis tools they need to distinguish the subtle signals of a threat from the random noise of routine activity.