Jetico – Case Study – Humana People to People

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Humana People to People is a large network of over 30 organisations with a presence on four continents. Every day, over 10,000 employees must deal with highly sensitive such as: financial statement and reports for donors, student information at Humana's schools, employee information and HIV tests results.
For years, the protection of this data was in TrueCrypt's hands. But after the popular open-source encryption solution was discontinued, and the number of TrueCrypt incompatible Windows 8 computers in the organisation continued to grow, Humana knew it was time to search for an alternative. After evaluating their options, Humana decided to deploy BestCrypt Volume Encryption for all Windows 8 laptops within the organisation. Jetico's solution is now successfully installed on a wide variety of computer models across Humana's network.