Kanguru – Datasheet – Kanguru Defender Bio-Elite30

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This highly-secure, hardware encrypted USB ash drive defies all tradition of secure ash drives. With fingerprint access, you or a team of others that you authorize can have secure entry to your les with just the tap of a finger. The Defender Bio-Elite30™, Biometric ash drive offers Kanguru’s best-in-class AES 256-bit hardware encryption, optional remote management capability, and onboard AntiVirus by award-winning BitDefender®, with extra features that take USB encryption to the next level. The flash drive uses your own fingerprint to access the encrypted files, is OS platform agnostic, and has no battery or fussy pinpads to worry about, making this fingerprint flash drive an exceptional data security solution for all types of environments. Just tap and go! The robust AES 256-Bit hardware encryption also provides superior security against leading software encryption fingerprint drives