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Safetica One Enterprise

Safetica ONE Enterprise extends data loss prevention and insider threat protection by additional workflow control, automation, and seamless integration with 3rd party network security solutions, SIEMs, and data analytics tools. Built your enterprise IT security stack with ease.

Why Safetica One Enterprise

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Seamless integrations

Automation of security policies and integration with your IT stack help you protect your assets even in complex environments.

Native integration with Microsoft 365 or Fortinet network appliances provides extended control over unknown devices and creates a robust endpoint-to network security solution.

All audited incidents and logs can be automatically sent to SIEM solutions e.g., Splunk, IBM QRadar, LogRhythm, or ArcSight for further investigation. In addition, REST API provides collected

Powerful workflow control

A set of control features enables you to define how users are allowed to work, regardless of the data involved.

With workflow control, you can enforce a specific security process and block all other ways of performing an action. Workflow control includes application DLP policies to manage the behavior of various types of applications like

CRM or IM and DLP policy rules apply custom configurations to different networks, local paths, or exclusive access for privileged users.

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Key Highlights

  • Windows and macOS support
  • One-click integration with Microsoft 365
  • Fortinet network appliances integration
  • API integration with Power BI or Tableau
  • Immediate notifications delivered to your inbox
  • File content inspection with pre-defined templates
  • Content classification based on various approaches

Key Benefits

Third-party Integration

Automated third-party integration and features for advanced use cases.

Workflow Control

Policies for workflow control on company endpoints.

Active Directory

Support for Active Directory in multi-domain environments.

Custom Branding

Custom branding of user security notifications on endpoints.



Detect hidden security threats quickly and easily
Understand sensitive data flow. Get security & regulatory audits to discover internal risks.


Eliminate the risk of losing sensitive information
Secure your sensitive data with Dynamic Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Insider Threat Protection.

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