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Safetica One Protection

Safetica ONE Protection identifies risks, educates your employees, and prevents people’s mistakes and malicious acts to protect your data. The combination of data analytics, data classification, and data loss prevention (DLP) with insider threat protection creates a secure environment while maintaining efficient business operations.

Why Safetica One Protection

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Set clear policies for all users and data channels

Set up security policies for specific groups or individuals. Select the desired workflow with configurable actions from silent auditing, through user notifications to strict blocking.

Empower employees to work with sensitive data

Display educational notifications to employees when there’s a risk of a policy violation to let them know or decide. Enforce specific processes to protect the most valuable data.

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Detect potential threats and analyze internal risks

Respond to threats even before a major incident happens thanks to early Discovery of behavior anomalies and data flow risks in your organization. Safetica ONE uses advanced content classification and OCR for sensitive data detection in image files and scanned PDF documents.

Get all devices under control, online and offline

Restrict the use of portable peripherals or unauthorized media. Control corporate mobile devices and keep track of data that leaves Microsoft 365. Safetica remains fully active regardless of network connection. All collected records are synchronized when the connection is restored.

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Key Highlights

Based on the content inspection, internal risk analysis, and clear policies set up for all data channels, Safetica ONE Protection can recognize when somebody makes a mistake or takes chances with your sensitive data. Depending on which mode Safetica ONE is operating in, it can either block the risky activity, notify the admin, or remind the employee about the organization’s security guidelines.

Safetica Management Console enables detailed but easy configuration of DLP policies, data categories, or reports.

Key Benefits

Complete Control

Have full control over sensitive data flows and internal risks based on behavior analysis & content inspection.

Security Updates

Get regular security reports and real-time incident notifications.

Data Security

Use Safetica Zones for simplified high-level data security.

Shadow Copy

Create a Shadow Copy of leaking data to keep forensic evidence for further investigation.



Detect hidden security threats quickly and easily
Understand sensitive data flow. Get security & regulatory audits to discover internal risks.


Protect your assets in complex
Enterprise data security stack. Maximum integration and workflow support.

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