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Empowering National Cybersecurity

Information Security in Government is of paramount importance. Information security isn’t only a challenge for the government and a significant obstacle to long-awaited digital transformation. The stakes are sky-high: Public-sector hacking information might imperil national security as well as citizens’ trust.

Governments recognise that operating in the digital world is the future; digital transformation is inevitable for everyone. Therefore, it is essential to defend against information security risks and ensure the continuity of the business through this transformation. 

Government & Information Security Key Takeaways:

    • Security must be built into government and public sector technology to support critical services.
    • Threats are growing due to an expanding attack surface, more sophisticated hackers, and fragmented solutions that can leave data unprotected.
    • Detecting and protecting against information theft should involve a proactive, end-to-end approach based.


Three factors have intensified information security risks for governments worldwide in recent years. To begin, the attack surface continues to grow. By 2025, forecasts indicate that over 75 billion Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices will be used in the public sector. Second, information warfare is beginning to evade firewalls and security software that was previously effective. Thirdly, fragmented information security solutions create gaps that expose data.


Halodata partners with governments across Asia to protect national security interests and critical infrastructure from cyber attacks. We understand the unique challenges facing the global public sector and have solutions to meet those mission requirements.

Information security solution implemented by Halodata protect sensitive government data and infrastructure by securing access for all identities across devices, anywhere, and in real-time.

Our experts at Halodata believe the best strategy for information security is a proactive, end-to-end approach that covers five key areas:

  • Threat detection and threat intelligence
  • Data and application security
  • Identity access management
  • Network security
  • Host and system security

Industry Knowledge

We understand business information security gaps and requirements by working closely with your team and applying our extensive experience across various industries. As a result, our information security experts can help you reduce the security management burden while also delivering the expected results and more.

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