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Transport & Logistics

Protecting your assets, while you are protecting ours

Although the transport and logistics sectors are undergoing exponential growth in digital transformation and automation, they have become an easy target for cybercrime.

As all levels of the supply chain rapidly integrate with the cloud, a significant cybersecurity risk has emerged.

Information security is more critical to the logistics industry’s resilience and safety than protecting customer data. Due to the massive amounts of data exchanged across networks to transport goods in a supply chain, the sector is particularly vulnerable.

Transportation and Logistics & Information Security Key Takeaways:

    • Creating an effective risk governance structure that is consistent with other risk categories and sustaining board engagement.
    • The industry is usually challenged by the data breach which paves an entry point to the corporate network.
    • For transportation industry providers, the emphasis is on supply chain integrity and enhancing visibility, accountability, and efficiency.

Road to information vulnerability

With a broad spectrum of data moving across systems, recording and monitoring digital and physical networks, transportation networks have become increasingly digitalized. As more devices and control systems become connected to the internet, more vulnerabilities emerge, raising the risk of physical asset disruption.

At Halodata, we ensure that our information security solution encompasses the transportation industry that provides the analysis and information needed to enhance security operations and enable a proactive approach to be taken against complex threats.

Halodata partners with Transportation & Logistics

At Halodata, we have substantial experience in assisting transportation companies to identify and evaluate the risks a company faces in the transportation sector. The transportation and logistics solution is capable of securing every endpoint to protect access to business-critical sensitive data.

Our experts at Halodata believe the best strategy for information security is an aggressive, end-to-end approach that covers key areas:

    • Malware and ransomware
    • Access to sensitive data
    • Incident management
    • System and security management
    • Regulatory compliances

Industry Knowledge

We understand business information security gaps and requirements by working closely with your team and applying our extensive experience across various industries. As a result, our information security experts can help you reduce the security management burden while also delivering the expected results and more.

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