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Mobile Transaction Authentication Signature (MTAS)

During this digital transformation era, it is essential to provide your clients with a better user experience. The client chooses which channel to use when interacting with your services: through the Internet or a mobile app, via a kiosk, or face-to-face. The key task is to create an opportunity and make it simple and secure.

The omni-channel solution—PayConfirm—allows confirming any digitally generated transaction with just one tap. It is easy, secure, and can be done right from your mobile app. It doesn’t matter where the transaction was created—via the Internet, mobile device, or kiosk—it will be confirmed in your mobile app using the highest level of protection. PayConfirm can be easily embedded into the banking mobile application or work as a customized stand-alone app.

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Transaction Authentication

In PayConfirm transaction authentication signature is generated on the basis of four components: exact transaction details and timestamp, smartphone fingerprint (unique smartphone characteristics) and a private key stored in the client’s smartphone

Fraud Monitoring

Additional fraud monitoring module significantly increases the accuracy of any potentially fraudulent transactions detection;

Transaction Confirmation

With PayConfirm client sees full transaction or agreement details before confirmation as well as confirmation result.

Reduces Fraud Risks

No static PINs or OTPs are required with PayConfirm and this reasonably decreases the risk of fraud caused by social engineering.

Transaction Verification & Confirmation

User not just “confirms” payment details, but authenticates the transaction, so as a result it is easy to answer when and what exact data was confirmed, who did it and what was a result of the confirmation process.

Key Benefits

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Confirm Any Types Of Operations
  • No more codes retyping from SMS, PUSH notifications and OTP generators;
  • Trusted solution based on cryptography;
  • Real-time notification right in a smartphone.
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Security & Fraud Protection
  • Protection from phishing, social engineering, data switching;
  • Device scoring and anomalies detection;
  • SMS interception and SIM swap attack protection.
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Secure Transactions
  • mTAS is generated on the basis of four components: transaction details, generation time, device fingerprint and user’s key;
  • Two independent communication channels are used to activate PayConfirm app in a user’s smartphone;
  • The security key is generated in the user’s smartphone and stored safely in the encrypted form
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Transactions Non-Repudiation
    • User not just confirms payment details, but signs them digitally and will be informed about transaction status afterwards;
    • PayConfirm uses asymmetric cryptographic algorithms, thus, there is only the user who can generate a digital signature.


  • Transaction confirmation reduced by 3.5%
  • Level of fraud in mobile and online banking reduced by 70 – 75%
  • Annual expense reduction up to 35%

Enterprise Authentication with PayConfirm FAM

PayConfirm FAM provides an effective solution to employee problems regarding authentication in enterprise infrastructure. This is done by replacing outdated and insecure authentication methods, such as static passwords, SMS OTPs (one-time passwords), expensive USB/MAC-tokens, and smartcards. It doesn’t matter whether your employees work from home or not, how deep their technical knowledge is, and so on. With PayConfirm FAM, your employees can connect to the majority of applications and in-house company systems with a single tap on a smartphone screen.

The solution accommodates the technology of SSO with MFA for all types of corporate systems: mobile applications, APIs and microservices (OAuth), modern/legacy desktop and web applications (SAML, OIDC, ESSO, Reverse Proxy), VPN and VDI (RADIUS), Windows environment (Credential Provider), and Linux (PAM).

With PayConfirm FAM there is no need to authenticate in each corporate resource separately because an SSO allows authentication through one system. Unlike many other solutions, PayConfirm FAM makes it possible to simplify the authentication process itself–it does not require any hardware-based or OTP-based solution– log in operations can be confirmed with a tap on a smartphone screen.


Reduced Risks

Reducing risks for compromised passwords and interception of codes delivered via SMS messages and/or push notifications

Independent Communication

Two independent communication channels are used to activate the PayConfirm app in a user’s smartphone

Increased Security

Increased security by adding a second authentication factor

Increased Control

A universal control point for authentication events

Seamless Operation

Stability during roaming or when you are out of a mobile operator’s coverage

Reduced Costs

Reduced costs and management of corporate identifiers through the usage of personal mobile devices

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