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One-of-a-kind file encryption software designed to keep business data safe from attacks, even when other security fails. Atakama offers customizable security policies to fit your business needs and user workflows.

Atakama’s encryption solution adheres to compliance regulations and in the process provides best-in-class protection for sensitive and confidential information.

Atakama File Encryption / Zero Trust File System

Using multi-factor encryption, Atakama provides exceptional data protection. By encrypting each file with its own unique encryption key, Atakama renders a breach almost completely useless to the attacker.

Atakama offers an information security solution designed to keep business data safe from attacks, even when other security fails.

Halodata-Atakama-Multi Factor Encryption

Multi-Factor Encryption

Atakama provides a distributed key management architecture which overcomes traditional approaches to encryption such as user access controls, or centralized key management solutions.

Atakama encrypts each file with a unique encryption key. The unique key is then split into pieces that are each distributed to users’ devices.

User Control

Atakama ensures that encrypted files can be accessed by authorized users only. Atakama never stores your files or requires you to use proprietary cloud storage. It also can not open or view your files, and it does not know the quantity or size of the files that have been encrypted.

Halodata-Atakama-Multi Factor Encryption

Local Encryption

With Atakama files are encrypted and decrypted locally on users’ computers. When using a network drive or cloud storage, it is the encrypted version of the files that are sent to those locations.

Only Atakama-enabled authorized users can access the encrypted files.

Contingency Design

Encrypted files are accessible even if a phone is broken or lost as devices can be removed and replaced without disruption.


Halodata-Atakama-Multi Factor Encryption

Lock Down Confidential Data

Easily encrypt high-value files: earnings reports, HR, M&A, IP, legal, risk, regulatory, PII, etc. without disruption to existing user workflows.

Regulatory Compliance

Based on cybersecurity regulations, data at rest should be encrypted, making this a new security practice.

Halodata-Atakama-Multi Factor Encryption
Halodata-Atakama-Multi Factor Encryption

Secure File Sharing

Atakama offers businesses the possibility to securely transfer files to external parties with a user-friendly workflow, making sure that only the recipient will receive the files.

Zero Trust Protection

Outdated processes and practices that are prone to security risks and usability tradeoffs are no longer an issue, while Atamaka ensures a reliable Zero Trust environment through granular file-level protection.

Halodata-Atakama-Multi Factor Encryption
Halodata-Atakama-Multi Factor Encryption

Ransomeware Mitigation

While exfiltration-based ransomware attacks are on the rise, Atakama offers a solution to stop attackers publishing sensitive information online.

Cloud Security

CSAB is limited when it comes to stopping attackers, that is why Atakama ensures data remains encrypted until it is used, while the decryption is based on zero trust architecture.

Halodata-Atakama-Multi Factor Encryption
Halodata-Atakama-Multi Factor Encryption

File Encryption For Microsoft Teams

By automatically encrypting files, Atakama enables businesses to collaborate securely using Microsoft Teams.

This software uses multi-factor encryption to access files, so users do not need to use passwords. The convenient user experience makes it easy and self-explanatory for your employees. Atakama seamlessly integrates with existing cybersecurity stacks, can be deployed within hours, and user policies can be customized based on company or department needs.

Key Benefits

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No Passwords Or Codes

Traditional authentication using usernames, passwords, or one-time codes is no longer needed, as Atakama provides military-grade data protection.

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Supports All Major Platforms

Atakama ensures that data stays secure with any mix of systems and devices by being compatible with all major desktop and mobile platforms.

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Secure Cloud Sync

Safekeeping of protected files in sync with major cloud storage services (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive) and private cloud networks is now enabled by Atakama’s client-side encryption.

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Sharing File Securely

Atakama enables sharing files securely within cloud and network locations without disrupting existing user workflows.

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Bluetooth Low Energy

Not having an internet connection is no longer an issue. Users can always access their files with support for Bluetooth Low Energy devices.

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Military-Grade Encryption

Atakama protects files with their own 256-bit AES key that is split apart and distributed across devices.

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Active Directory Integration

With Atakama you can now secure files across your workplace in all existing network locations.

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Detailed User History

Atakama is here to ease compliance reporting and audits. It allows the creation of customized alerts and notifications with detailed user file interaction logging that can be fed into your existing SIEMs and SOCs.

How Atakama File Encryption Works

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