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How Atakama Helps


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Users can send encrypted files to recipients in a few simple steps:

1. Right click on the encrypted file(s) to auto-generate a secure URL.
2. Send the URL to the intended recipient by email or any other communication method.
3. The recipient opens the URL in a browser.
4. The sender is notified that the recipient is ready to download the file.
5. The sender uses the Atakama Mobile app to approve the release of the file, which the recipient can now download in their browser.


Atakama vs. Two-Factor Authentication

Atakama’s UX is familiar to anyone who has used 2FA. But 2FA is perimeter-based security, which is regularly breached. Once a user has been authenticated they have access to everything.

Atakama’s object-level encryption protects no matter whether attackers breach your perimeter, users work outside your perimeter, or your data is in the cloud.

Atakama vs. Passwords

Passwords are great for some things, but not for everything. Especially when password-protected files need to be shared within cloud and network drive locations.

Atakama eliminates common security vulnerabilities by replacing the need for authentication-based encryption with its intuitive distributed key management architecture.

Memory Exploit Detection and Prevention

Full disk encryption is designed to provide protection when users are logged out and not using their system. All files are encrypted using just one key typically based on the user’s account password, which creates a single point of failure.

Atakama encrypts at the file level, generating a unique key for each file, and provides active protection at all times. When one file is decrypted the remainder of the files remain encrypted with their own unique encryption key.

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