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Why Ava Reveal?

The world today is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Nothing is predictable. Agility wins. Protecting what we care about—family, friends, co-workers, customers—influences our actions and interactions. Preparedness has taken on a new meaning. Ava was born out of this belief with a mission to help you see, understand, and act upon threats before they become incidents. Ava’s mission is to move our proven best-seller cyber and physical security solutions towards an integrated and unified solution.


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Take a proactive approach to your compliance audits, enforcing compliance laws and regulations to change employee behavior with visibility to users, data access and systems–with the option of anonymizing the data.

Data Loss Protection

Ava Reveal helps your team detect data exfiltration and loss at a cost-effective price point with no hidden costs, running a lightweight agent using minimal CPU, and is easy to deploy and use.

Insider Risk

Protect your organization against all insider risks – from non-malicious to malicious. 


IT Security Education

Most employees are not familiar with the intricacies of IT policies they sign when joining a company. Bring those policies to life and helps educate the employees as well as enforce the policies.

Remote Workforce

As businesses send their employees to work from home, it’s imperative for security professionals to provide guidance so remote workers can do their part to help you keep your organization secure and protected from breaches. Get visibility of data and endpoints outside of the office.

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