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Ava Reveal: Assessing Cyber Hygiene

Ava Reveal is a next-generation, cloud-native enterprise data protection solution that helps your security team prevent data leaks and loss, detects behavior related threats, and trains employees on cyber hygiene and compliance requirements.

With Ava Reveal, your organization can not only prevent data loss but can also get visibility, analysis, and understanding of data flows and activity across all your users and endpoints. Reveal safeguards all data in motion, including data moving across email, web browser, external drives, copy/paste, printers, Bluetooth, and more.

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How Ava Reveal Works

The Reveal Agent is installed on Windows, macOS, and Linux devices and servers and reports granular user data to the Reveal Infrastructure for threat analysis.

If your employees are working remotely from home or travelling, you may monitor their activities regardless of their location or network connection.

Encoding rules for specific user activity, policies allow you to automate threat identification and response.

Many out-of-the-box and adjustable policies are available in Reveal to meet your IT and security needs.

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Insiders Account for the Costliest Data Breaches

Companies tend to focus on the mitigation of malicious outsiders when their own employees pose the greatest financial threat.

Human Error Is the Leading Cause of Data Breaches

Unintentional employee risks include surfing dangerous websites, downloading malicious files, accessing confidential data through unsecured Wi-Fi networks, or inserting USB sticks containing malware.

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Key Benefits

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Contextual Knowledge: Increase Operational Efficiency

With rich contextual knowledge, you get transparency of the behaviors, actions, and intentions surrounding an incident. 

By augmenting the operators, you get actionable alerts, to detect and resolve incidents in seconds or minutes instead of days or weeks.

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Policies & Machine Learning: Detect More Incidents

Reveal combines regulations and machine learning sensors to detect and prevent insider threats. Reveal provides pre-configured and customizable policies to meet your security and compliance requirements.

Reveal’s groundbreaking machine learning capability monitors user, entity, and network behaviour to detect security threats.

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Content Inspection: Full Control Over Your Sensitive Data

With comprehensive content inspection, you can monitor file movement on and across systems and browsers and defend against data loss. Reveal Agents can inspect files for credit or debit card numbers, identity card numbers, insurance numbers, social security numbers, national health service numbers and more.

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Incident-based Training: Correct Poor Cyber Hygiene

With Reveal, employees receive incident-based training that enforces your IT Security Policy and Acceptable Use Policy to align your employees. In addition, the instant feedback loop provides effective, time-efficient and affordable security awareness training.

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Actions: Automated Actions on High-Risk Events

Halt suspicious activity by performing actions on computers. Reveal enables you to isolate devices from the network, lockout user sessions, take screenshots, display messages, block uploads, and kill processes to protect your organization.

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Reports: Measure Your Security Progress in Just One Click

With interactive policy violation reports, you can assess and improve your security posture. The policy reports page allows you to access both high-level and low-level policy sensor data, allowing you to evaluate the effectiveness of your current security controls and identify areas for improvement.

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Data Anonymization & Pseudonymization: Conduct Unbiased Investigations

Reveal protects user privacy while investigating and managing incidents.

Reveal anonymizes and pseudonymizes data so that incidents can be analysed impartially and data protection laws are followed.

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Offline Enforcement: Protect Your Data Regardless of Location and Network Status

Policies are enforced regardless of whether your employees are online to ensure that you can protect your data and devices at all times. This is especially helpful when someone is trying to avoid security measures.

How Ava Reveal Helps

Ava Reveal identifies emerging cyber security threats in organisations world-wide by gathering and analysing millions of events each day against a series of machine learning, behavioural, and policy sensors.

Certifications & Awards

U.S. Cyber Command Winner

JITC Certified

NITTF Compliant

Cyber Security Awards Winner

TAG Cyber Annual Vendor

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