Certificate Management

Centralised management of digital certificates lifecycle within the organization, from discovery through automatic scanning on websites, directories and web servers to an automated renewal of the certificate through external or internal Certification Authorities.

Digital certificates, X.509 or SSL/TLS certificates are the foundation of machine identities, such as applications, servers, endpoints, containers, or any device that requires authentication. 

Functionalities of senhasegura’s digital certificate management solution

Discovery of Certificates

Record 100% of the remote
sessions performed in
senhasegura in compact videos
in excellent quality, including
simultaneous sessions.

Signature of the Certificate

Use the integration with the
main CAS of the market to
automatically sign the
certificates inside the solution,
including the self signed.

Due Date Alert

Automatically configure the
periodic renew and publication of
the certificates, avoiding the loss
of expirations.

Renew & Publication

Keep total control over three
expirations of the certificates
under management. Send alerts
in configurable periods to specific

Generation of the Requisition

Perform the requisitions using
the pre-registered information
and reducing the errors in the
creation of the certificates.

Vulnerabilities Identification

Graphically visualize the status of all the certificates, identifying which, for example, use cryptographies out of the
security policies of the organization.

Target Industries

Energy & Utilities







Technical Features

Integration with the leading Market Certification Authorities to sign certificates within the solution, including those self-signed.

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