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Whether you need to enable personal productivity, facilitate team collaboration, or curb well-intentioned employee workarounds, BlackBerry® Workspaces is the best choice for secure file storage, synchronization and sharing.


Cylance AI provides superior malware prevention, effectively neutralizing cyberthreats before they can exploit weaknesses and infiltrate systems. Here’s how:

Continuous Learning and Maturation

Thanks to the sophistication of Cylance AI and our ever-expanding store of proprietary security data, our solutions can help you minimize cyber-risk exposure and optimize resilience.

AI-Driven Malware Prevention

Our AI-enabled endpoint protection solutions inspect all applications attempting to execute against an endpoint—helping prevent Zero-Day payloads from executing.

Memory Exploit Detection and Prevention

Cylance AI proactively identifies malicious use of memory (fileless attacks), automatically kicking off immediate prevention responses.

Key Benefits

Rapid Ransomware Recovery

Unlike other EFSS solutions, Workspaces puts effective recovery tools in the hands of the system administrator. It helps to contain and limit the damage of ransomware attacks by allowing the admin to freeze affected user accounts and selectively target and address infected files. Granular controls allow administrators to roll back impacted users, files and folders to pre-attack versions, so organizations can eliminate loss of productivity caused by system-wide rollback and recovery mechanisms.

Secure Content Collaboration for Any Industry

Financial Services

BlackBerry Workspaces provides financial services institutions the ability to secure files containing sensitive data and meet regulatory mandates for the protection of customer privacy.


Attorneys need anytime, anywhere document sharing and collaboration across all their devices – especially for the most sensitive files. BlackBerry Workspaces provides the perfect mix of productivity and security for legal professionals.


Our endpoint user and entry behavior analytics (UEBA) solution uses predictive AI to dynamically adapt security policy in real-time based on user location, device and other factors.

Regulatory Compliance

Meet your export control and compliance requirements with secure file sharing and encryption in BlackBerry Workspaces.Our AI-driven Zero Trust network access (ZTNA) solution protects your systems and data while providing easy access to SaaS and on-prem apps for your hybrid workforce.

Media and Entertainment

BlackBerry Workspaces can consolidate scripts in one secure place, provide an intuitive interface for sharing and review, ensure easy access from any device, and provide controls to calm fears about leaks.

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