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BlackBerry® Guard is a subscription-based managed detection and response (MDR) service. It combines Cylance® AI cybersecurity technology with 24x7x365 support from award-winning incident analysts, responders and threat prevention experts—and works as an extension of your team.

Intelligence-Based Threat Hunting

BlackBerry Guard addresses advanced and persistent threats with incident response, threat hunting and behavior analytics capabilities. Manual and automated sweeps gather additional context and correlation for enhanced protection.

AI-Driven Malware Prevention

Our AI-enabled endpoint protection solutions inspect all applications attempting to execute against an endpoint—helping prevent Zero-Day payloads from executing.

Automated, Rapid Response

Cylance AI-based BlackBerry Guard responds dynamically to changes in your environment and stops file-based and fileless attacks, assesses indicators of compromise and prevents security threats from becoming cybersecurity incidents.

Key Benefits

Continuous Managed Detection and Response

 Cybercriminals don’t keep office hours. That’s why BlackBerry Guard monitors your environment 24×7, triaging alerts, tracking threats, correlating data, facilitating remediation and keeping you informed via the BlackBerry Guard portal and mobile app.

Advanced and Emerging Threat Prevention

Powered by Cylance AI, BlackBerry® cybersecurity technology stops Zero-day payloads, polymorphic malware, APTs and both file-based and fileless threats with proven 99% efficacy. BlackBerry Guard prevents incidents from occurring—before they can compromise your data or reputation.

Methodology-based Threat Intelligence and Hunting

 As opposed to traditional MDR, BlackBerry Guard is more than alerts. We apply Threat Intelligence and methodology-based processes to identify potential attacks, data exfiltration, unauthorized access and other potential vectors of compromise.

Expertise When and Where You Need It

Security teams are understaffed and overstressed. Expand your team with BlackBerry Guard incident response and prevention experts.

Transition From Reactive to Preventative Protection

 BlackBerry Guard leverages Cylance AI to enhance the network effect of intelligence across your security ecosystem—so you can transition from a reactive to a proactive security posture.

Fast, Automated Response and Containment

BlackBerry Guard orchestrates the triage, filtering and response actions of analysts, and accelerates detailed incident response strategies—so cyberattacks are quickly detected, stopped, remediated and prevented.

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