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Cloud-native BlackBerry® Optics provides on-device threat detection and remediation across your organization—in milliseconds. Our EDR approach effectively eliminates response latency. It can be the difference between a minor security incident and a widespread, uncontrolled event.

Cloud-enabled—not Cloud-dependent

Cloud-based BlackBerry Optics provides monitoring and visibility that span your entire organization, enabling detection and threat hunting for both online and offline devices.

Quickly Detect and Respond to Ransomware

Ready to move beyond attack visibility? Cylance AI-driven security proactively detects and automates response capabilities. So you can find and neutralize advanced cyberthreats in milliseconds—not hours or days.

Prevent Widespread Incidents With Machine Learning

BlackBerry Optics mitigates and contains threats at the endpoints—drastically minimizing your attack surface and potential lateral movement. So your SOC teams have more time to perform essential duties, instead of monitoring and re-imaging compromised endpoints.

Custom Automated Responses

BlackBerry Optics has a built-in playbook with automated incident responses to mitigate endpoint threats. As it automatically collects relevant security information for hunting and forensic analysis, you’ll save your SOC analysts some time.

Unconstrained Threat Hunting

Our advanced, intuitive querying capabilities with Query language objects is purpose-built for MITRE ATT&CK®. It’s designed to enable deep insight for threat hunting and forensics with superior data retention packages—30 days out-of-the-box and up to 365 days.

Key Benefits

BlackBerry Optics Capabilities

EDR Engine

Automated forensic events logging

Automated response

Custom detection rules


Secure remote response

BlackBerry Optics Capabilities

Private Network Visibility

Advanced Scripting Visibility

Deep Insight 30-day retention, included

Deep Insight 30-day retention, included

Deep Insight 90-day, 365-day retention, available

Cryptomining detection

Audit logging

Artificial Intelligence. Real Performance.

Cylance AI-driven security threat prevention and response and attack mitigation prevents cyberattacks that legacy products miss while simultaneously reducing alert fatigue.

Gain Deep Insight

An extensive set of manual and automated incident investigation and threat hunting tools provide your analysts with seamless access to endpoint data.

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