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BlackBerry® Protect is an artificial intelligence (AI) based endpoint protection platform (EPP) that prevents breaches and provides added controls for safeguarding against sophisticated cyberthreats—no human intervention, Internet connections, signature files, heuristics or sandboxes required.

Cylance AI-driven Malware Protection

Cylance® AI detects and prevents attacks before they can execute, preventing users from opening URLs or visiting spoofing pages mimicking those of legitimate websites.

Memory Exploitation Detection

Memory protection adds a layer of security and strengthens basic protection features included with OSs—preventing attackers from using memory to exploit vulnerabilities.

Protect Against Malicious Scripts

Monitor, detect and protect against malicious scripts and script paths running in your environment before they can execute. You control when and where scripts run.

Secure Fixed-function Devices

Lock down specified systems and restrict any changes to locked devices to ensure fixed-function devices stay in an uncompromised state.

Control Device Access

Set parameters for what devices can connect to your environment. Set access controls at the category or device level—or anything in between.

Customize Roles and Permissions

Increase your situational awareness and gain insight into potential attacks with interactive dashboards and real-time statistics.

Key Benefits

Stop The Unknown

 Cylance AI prevents known and unknown malware and zero-day payloads executing.

No Signatures

No signature updates or slow scans, just protection without interruption.

Predict To Prevent

BlackBerry Protect identifies and stops attacks before they can even start.

Faster Protection

Trust BlackBerry Protect to prevent attacks in milliseconds.

Stop Ransomware

Trained math models identify zero-day malware and prevent execution.

Easy Management

Deploys quicker than legacy solutions, with less effort and no daily scans.

Light Performance

The lightweight agent uses only a fraction of processing power.

Device Approval

Control device access to eliminate external threats.

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