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Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Data at Rest

Content inspection and contextual scanning of data for removable devices and applications like Outlook, Skype, Dropbox and others.

Award-winning DLP solution

Up and running in 30 minutes

Common Criteria EAL2 Certified

Administrators can use Endpoint Protector DLP to encrypt or erase data at rest (eDiscovery). Unauthorized employees storing sensitive material on their PCs and attackers circumventing network defences are handled. Credit card numbers, personally identifiable information (PII), Social Security numbers (SSNs), personnel records, company documents, and intellectual property (IP) must be protected.

Endpoint Protector’s administration console can initiate eDiscovery. Both Content Aware Protection and eDiscovery use the same endpoint agent.


1. Create Sensitive Content Policies

2. Start Clean or Incremental Scan

3. Take Remediation Actions: Encrypt or Delete Identified Sensitive Data

Key Benefits

Flexible Policies Based on Whitelists & Blacklists

Filters that exclude files based on their type or name reduce scan time and resource usage. To develop policies that protect users’ data, IT Administrators can utilise blacklists to categorise sensitive files by file type, predefined content, custom content, and file name.

Intuitive Scanning Setup

Scans can be scheduled depending on certain time, recurrence, and entities to be included in the scan by following a few simple steps. In addition, there is a list of past scans.

Quick Access to Scan Results & Remediation Actions

The eDiscovery section provides visibility into scans, matched sensitive items, the precise location of detected material, and remediation actions such as data encryption and data deletion at rest, enabling fast response in the event that non-compliant data is discovered.

Cross-platform eDiscovery Solution

Endpoint Protector’s eDiscovery service scans data on Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints to ensure total data protection. Administrators can choose between a full scan that covers all repositories and an incremental scan that begins scanning where the previous scan ended.


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