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Manufacturing Data Loss Prevention


IP – Intellectual Property – is one of the most precious assets for manufacturing companies. As a result, businesses and entrepreneurs require simple, cost-effective methods for safeguarding proprietary information about their goods and ideas, designs, and brands.

Various rules and regulations apply depending on the industry. Thus, in addition to the competitive advantage lost as a result of a data loss, there is the matter of fines. Additionally, one must consider downtime and a reduction in sales due to a negative impact on the company’s image.


A manufacturing firm can be defined as one that utilises raw materials, components, or pieces to create completed goods – which can be used as-is or for the purpose of creating another product. As a result, these businesses can be found in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, automotive, utilities, energy, agriculture, construction, and education.

Today’s manufacturing businesses store data in a variety of locations, on a variety of workstations (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux), and link to the internal network via a sizable mobile device fleet (Android and iOS). A system that addresses many facets of data loss prevention and extends to mobile device management aids in the protection of data and the prevention of data breaches.

Endpoint Protector DLP and MDM solutions safeguard extremely sensitive data such as patents, product sketches, and inventions, preserving a manufacturing company’s competitive edge. Before documents are transferred to untrusted e-mail addresses, devices, or apps, efficient content scanning can help prevent undesirable events and data security incidents.

Industry Regulations

With data regarding patents, designs, ingredients, suppliers, customers and more, the threat of data loss, data theft or data leaks is ever-present. As manufacturing environments have various specific requirements, a Data Loss Prevention solution that can cover multiple needs and can be deployed in various ways (hardware appliance, virtual appliance or cloud-based) is essential.


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