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Media Data Loss Prevention


The media industry is a complex and diverse landscape that incorporates various technologies intending to reach a broad audience. Whether the medium is print (books, newspapers, magazines, etc. ), film (production, editing, dubbing, etc. ), television, advertising (marketing agencies, etc. ), or the Internet (digital media, etc. ), their material must be safeguarded from leakage before the official publishing date. Furthermore, when we include mobile phones and gaming (as defined in current standards), we begin to appreciate the massive volume of personal information that must be safeguarded.

A Data Loss Prevention system can help assure the security of confidential information, compliance with regulatory standards, and, most importantly, that employees’ productivity is not impacted. Ascertain that your brand’s image is not tarnished and that the project or narrative on which you are working does not reach the public earlier than planned.

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Whether it’s a bestseller script, a breaking news item, the money shot for a box-office film, a brand new television series, a worldwide marketing campaign, or a brand new game that’s been in development for years, the implications of data loss or leakage are quite severe.
Today’s enterprises store data in a variety of locations and on a variety of workstations (Windows, macOS, and Linux), and a sizable mobile device fleet (Android and iOS) connects to the internal network. A system that addresses many facets of data loss prevention and extends to mobile device management aids in the protection of data and the prevention of data breaches.

Data Loss Prevention can make the difference between a successful and failed media firm by assisting in preventing the leakage of the creative materials that serve as the foundation of the organisation. When a film is leaked before it is released in theatres, or when an advertising firm fails to safeguard a commercial idea and structure prior to implementation, the repercussions can be in the millions of dollars.

Industry Regulations

Although the vast amount of money lost due to data leaks or data theft is huge, there are also other negative consequences. Data security is not limited only to the above-mentioned examples but also includes data such as employees’ and customers’ personally identifiable information (PII). Therefore, issues regarding compliance should also be considered.


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