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FileCloud is the only ‘cloud-agnostic​ enterprise file sharing, sync and collaboration platform that is being provided across private, public and hybrid clouds.  FileCloud is highly flexible and offers the least disruptive way for enterprises to get access, sync, share and collaborate on the infrastructure of their choice.

FileCloud’s value proposition appeals to global organisations that operate across geographic regions and have specific data ownership and control requirements, manageability, security, monitoring, and regulatory standards.

Get complete data ownership, control and governance. Self-host it on-premises or in the Cloud.

FileCloud Features

Provide Secure Access to Enterprise Data From Any Device

● Multiple ways to access data securely: Web access, Sync, Remote Drive, Mobile Apps, Outlook Add-on;
● Private dropbox like sync to employees and partners;
● Alternative to archaic VPN and FTP.

Get Total Control, Privacy and Security

● Keep data within your company, retaining full control of the data;
● Detailed audit capabilities to meet regulations (HIPAA, HITECH & FINRA);
● Complete control over file sharing among employees, vendors, customers.

Protect Business Critical Data

● Powerful administrator tools to manage users, devices, activities;
● Protect your data using endpoint backup and versioning;
● Prevent data leaks using remote mobile wipe / block features.

Customize to Reflect Organization’s Brand

● Highly available, scalable, multi-tenant architecture;
● Complete white label EFSS solution, superior customization options including mobile customization to build your organization’s brand;
● Ideal for IT managed service providers and value added resellers.

Integrate Easily With Existing IT Systems

● Works with Network shares, Active Directory, NTLM SSO;
● Seamless integration with existing NTFS file permissions;
● Powerful APIs to integrate with your business processes.

Maximize Your ROI

● Leverage your existing investment in IT infrastructure;
● Best value among file sharing solutions;
● All inclusive pricing that includes software updates and support.

Key Benefits

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Best ROI in the Industry

Lower cost, higher value, free unlimited partner accounts

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Secure Access

Web, sync, drive, mobile apps and cloud enabled file servers

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Site Sandbox

Isolated sites – site sandbox, better security and performance

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Security and Data Protection

Two-factor authentication, SSL/TLS, ransomware protection, DLP and endpoint backup

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Custom Branding

Use your own domain, design, logos, email and terms of service

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Powerful Administrator Tools

Analytics, reports, workflows, auditing, EMM, Retention, Archival and Legal hold

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File Sharing and Collaboration

Public, private and temp shares, team folders, granular access permissions

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Microsoft Office Integration

Office Online, DocIQ, Outlook add-on and Explorer integration

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Data Residency

Store data at your preferred region (US, EU, APAC) on world-class infrastructure

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Seamless Integration

Integrate with existing IT infrastructure and file servers. Supports most file systems


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