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Server: User Experience

Enterprise File Storage & Collaboration

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User Experience

FileCloud UX brings single-click quick actions, dozens of keyboard shortcuts and better filters. Plus, brand new functions like clipboard-image-pasting and a built-in markdown editor help save tons of time — so you and your team can focus on the things that really matter.

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Team Folders

Create shared folders across your organization to centrally manage content.

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Collaboration & Sharing

Share your files easily and securely requiring either a login, a link or a password.

Public shares can be protected with a password, and private shares are secured with a required FileCloud account.

Seamless Remote Access

Stream files on demand for edits using FileCloud Drive.

Keep a copy of files on your desktop for editing or offline access using FileCloud Sync.

Access your files from iOS, Android and Outlook.

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Microsoft Office Documents Editing

Preview and edit office documents directly in the browser, or edit using your offline copy of Microsoft Office.

Edit any other document type by using editors that are installed locally on your computer.


Put your business first.

Show off your branding everywhere your employees, vendors interact with you.

Use dark mode, custom themes and your own company colors to make FileCloud your own.

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Endpoint Backup

Sleep better at night. Backup your enterprise seamlessly from desktop and mobile devices.

Metadata Organization

Organize your content by applying any type of structured metadata on your content. Use metadata to enforce different behaviors via Data Leak Prevention Retention and Content Governance.

Automatic Metadata Import: FileCloud automatically imports MS Office or Adobe PDF metadata on upload

Document Management: Create your own custom views of data scattered across the organization

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Workflow Automation

Workflow automation streamlines processes like contract reviews, file requests, invoice approvals, and more. Managers can create and share custom workflows with their team to improve performance by reducing error and making high-volume tasks easier to accomplish.


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Flexible Deployment

Self-host FileCloud on your on-premises infrastructure or any cloud of your choosing. Or, let us host Filecloud is available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in a region of your choice.

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Hybrid Cloud

Get the best of both worlds: the seamless control of centralized data and the performance of local file servers, using our Server Sync technology, which synchronizes both content and Windows NTFS Permissions.

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Modernize your File Servers

Web, Mobile, and Desktop access to legacy file servers without VPN.

FileCloud can read and apply Microsoft NTFS permissions to network folders. No need to duplicate FileCloud access rights.

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ServerLink Replication

Replicate your FileCloud content across geographic locations.

Allow low latency access to branch offices or provide seamless disaster recovery. ServerLink scales to keeping millions of files in sync efficiently.


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Security Compliance (ITAR etc)

FileCloud enables compliance with various regulatory requirements including GDPR, ITAR, HIPPAA etc. 

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Dataleak Prevention

Automatically classify content on upload based on file content to prevent accidental leaks or access. Create rules to prevent logins, downloads, and sharing.

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Content Governance

Apply retention policies to manage your content based on your business and regulatory requirements.

FileCloud supports retention policies, legal holds, admin holds, and deleted item policies among others.

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Antivirus and Ransomware

Scan uploaded files for Antivirus using any ICAP compatible AV solution including McAfee etc.

With built-in file versioning, mitigate ransomware attacks. Enable detection of files with encrypted payloads to block and warn when ransomware content enters the system.

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Digital Rights Management

Share files with complete control even after it is downloaded and control the number of times a document can be opened or printed. It also prevents ​screengrabs of sensitive documents.

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Folder Permissions

Allow subfolder permissions to enable fine-grained permission controls to team folders.
Secure and compliant enterprise content platform with data and infrastructure control.

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