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Cloud Enable Your Windows File Servers

Convert your Windows file servers to a powerful enterprise file-sharing, sync, and mobile access platform

FileCloud ServerSync synchronizes files and permissions stored on on-premise Windows file servers to the cloud. It maintains copies of files and permissions in sync between the cloud and on-premises storage. FileCloud ServerSync enables a hybrid cloud approach that allows traditional LAN access when on-premise and cloud access when off-site or remote.


Fast Local Access

By providing local access, FileCloud ServerSync removes latency, ensuring the highest performance while providing the cloud flexibility, which is critical for collaborating on large files (e.g. CAD files).

Synchronizes Permissions

Migrate data without disrupting operations and synchronize on-premise file servers to the cloud without losing folder hierarchy or NTFS permissions.

Flexibility of Hybrid Cloud

Securely access, share and collaborate on files in the cloud or in on-premises Windows file servers.

Manage Branch Office and Disaster Recovery

Using ServerSync, you can modernize your IT infrastructure and adopt the cloud for digital transformation without disrupting your current operations. ServerSync can help you to set up branch office collaboration and disaster recovery.

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