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Manufacturing operators manage classified data and confidential information across corporate IT and operational systems. Manufacturing companies are usually wary of adopting new security technologies for fear of compromising critical systems. Any disruption to vital systems could result in lost revenue.

Some manufacturing companies with small IT and security teams lack the tools needed to protect their organization effectively. The tools are siloed, making it challenging to identify and investigate incidents.

Insider threats exist everywhere. Within manufacturing, insiders are likely to target and trade secrets. With present technologies, manufacturers cannot identify, detect, or respond to questionable user activity or data movement.

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Why Ava Reveal

Choose Reveal to detect and block data exfiltration attempts at a cost-effective price point with no hidden costs and a lightweight agent using minimal CPU. Reveal is easy to deploy and use–even for tier 1 Analysts–giving visibility into user and data activity, systems and processes.

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Human-Centric Security

Individual user profiles reveal how data is accessed and used, with anonymization for privacy as an option. You can protect your systems and data with user activity monitoring from individuals who already have privileged access and knowledge of sensitive data and systems.

Augment your Operators

Reveal is simple to use, even for tier 1 analysts. Increase operational efficiency with rich contextual knowledge presented in a comprehensible view. Utilize machine learning and smart sensors to identify dangers prior to them escalating into incidents.

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Simple Reports of Security Violations

Reports highlight instances of careless, malicious, and accidental behavior over time, allowing you to assess the effectiveness of your security controls and identify areas for improvement. Reports can also be easily exported to share with the management.

Out-of-the-box and Configurable Policies

Built-in policies for data tracking, cyber hygiene, and malicious activity that can detect and defend against various risks. Policies run against computers and users, providing insight into how users access files, applications, and systems, which determine specific areas of risk.

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Simple to Deploy, Use, and License

A key characteristic of Reveal is simplicity. An easy to deploy lightweight agent, one full-feature license, and a groundbreaking user interface to simplify operations and lower skill requirements.

Key Benefits

Understand the Risk to Systems and Data

Attribute all collected data and user activity to specific users

Assess how different types of user activity adds to risk

Understand when to implement additional security measures

Strengthen the Security Posture

Change employees’ behavior via incident-based training

Prevent malicious activities from happening by alerting on suspicious behavior

Block activities such as uploading confidential files to personal drives

Simple and Secure

Easy to deploy the lightweight Reveal Agent

Simple to use with an intuitive user experience

Robust security controls and anti-tamper measures across the solution and the Reveal Agent

Remove the Burden on the Users

Use advanced content inspection and automated response to block data exfiltration attempts

Educate users on IT security policy and compliance to protect against data exfiltration while efficiently using CPU resources.

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