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InfoVaultz: We Take Your Business Security Seriously

InfoVaultz is a highly scalable cloud storage and synchronization solution with accessibility from desktop and laptop sync clients, a user web portal, and a wide array of mobile devices.

Some of the key features include:

  • Large Data Storage Access
  • ​Multiple Authentication Methods
  • On-Premise Appliance Model
  • File Versioning and Collaboration
  • Highly-Secure
  • Network Share Support
  • SMART Folders
  • Multiple FileSync clients

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Sync, Share and Mobile Access

Remote Access: Allows users to access, share, sync company files and documents from anywhere and any device

Synchronization: Syncs content across computers and smartphones, replacing Dropbox or

Mobile Apps: Allow access to files from iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

Drive: Mount your remote files as a network share in Windows Explorer

InfoVaultz Private Cloud Integrated Appliance

Secure Sync

Synchronizes all chosen data to the private cloud appliance and personal devices, automatically, instantly, and continuously.

  • Keeps data safe in case of end-user hardware failure or loss
  • Sync data between Mac, Windows, and Linux PCs.
  • Restore and view previous versions of files.
  • Encrypted file transfer (SSL) advanced settings.

Secure Share

Secure and simple sharing for colleagues and external parties.

  • Instant secure shareable file and folder links.
  • Expire your links or control who has access to sync or share folders.
  • Shared folders are also available for sync if approved by the sharer.
  • Email links for large files to external contractors etc.
  • There is no control over file upload size.
  • If installed locally, Internet bandwidth is not wasted for syncing or uploading.

          Secure Synergise

          Access files and folders from any device, anywhere, and work on the same files with your colleagues.

          • Access data in the cloud from any web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari).
          • All files and folders can be accessed directly from any personal or mobile device.
          • It supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS (iPhone and iPad), and Android devices.
          • The remote wipe feature is available for all desktop and mobile devices.

                How InfoVaultz Works


                Runs inside your own infrastructure and on your premises, so you control your data 100%. Install on your server, any way you want it.

                Network Shares

                You can share entire folders of projects, or share documents and files with your clients.

                File Sharing For Enterprises

                Allows users to access, share, sync company files and documents from anywhere and any device.

                Virus Protection

                Integrated antivirus functionality to protect your business files.


                Customize language, logos, branding, domain name and email templates.

                Remote Wipe

                Remote wipe for all agents including desktop agents.

                Built-in Document Review

                Enables users to view common file formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and .txt files, inside a web browser.

                Storage Types

                Supports Local storage (HDD, NAS/SAN), Amazon S3, Opens tack or any object-based storage

                Key Benefits

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                Reduce Email Storage & Attachment
                • Speed up the sending of email
                • Send link rather than large attachments
                • Reduce bandwidth usage and sending time
                • Send complete folder not individual files
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                Improve Collaboration


                • Instantly create group sharing folders
                • No requirement for server hardware or admin contact
                • Allow users to access files from any device.
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                Business Continuity

                In case of hardware failure or loss, get access to your files straight away.

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                Up-to-Date Files

                Keep all the files up to date on all your devices

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