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Filter and manage sensitive emails to mobile to keep information protected

Janusgate Mobile simplifies the often complex area of corporate email security, providing a flexible, easy-to-use message filtering system that does not require any additional software on the remote devices.

With Janusgate Mobile, email, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes traffic can be filtered before it reaches the mobile device.

Workplace Mobility Without The Risk

Mobile email security is usually complex, hard to manage, or detrimental to productivity. But the rising use of email on mobile devices means there is an increased risk of information loss if devices are lost or stolen outside your network.

Comprehensive and Flexibile

Janusgate Mobile allows you to secure sensitive emails, with or without an existing email classification system. The solution works in conjunction with all popular EMM suites and allows you to set customised filtering rules

Adaptable And Scalable

Add new devices, customise rules by device or user role, and quickly provide temporary or contract employees with secure mobile access. With Janusgate Mobile, it’s easy to scale-up without high cost, complexity or waiting time.

Rapidly Deployed With No Functionality Loss

With Janusgate Mobile, set-up is quick and easy. The connection between the device and Exchange Server is unaffected and you can continue using existing security like TLS or IPSec for authentication or encryption.

Key Benefits

Identify privileged information by email subject and/or body.

Allow people to use their device’s native email apps.

Restrict content based on email classification.

Block all attachments while allowing the email body to pass.



Janusgate Mobile takes the complexity out of corporate email security, preventing sensitive emails from reaching mobile devices to greatly reduce the risk of information loss.

Prevent email delivery while allowing calendar or contact information to pass.

Stop any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) being delivered to devices.

Redact specific types of information.




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