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Security markings for Outlook Web App

Janusseal for Outlook Web App compels your users to assign a security tag or protective marking to every message (or meeting request or calendar item if you wish) they create within Outlook Web App.

Maintain consistency with desktop Outlook usage.

A simple add-on to Microsoft Outlook, Janusseal for Outlook is a scalable solution that easily integrates with email gateways and is centrally deployed via Microsoft Group Policy.

Heighten awareness of security among your webmail users.

Free up your IT security team for other priorities.

Get more out of your other IT security solutions.

Key Benefits

Awareness – the security marking is visible to webmail recipients so they know what to do
Control – only the creator of the webmail message can assign a security marking.

Certainty – specified items cannot be sent from Outlook Web App unless security marked.

Classification can be embedded in metadata labels, enabling the existing security system to control access and distribution of sensitive information.

Improved monitoring – webmail security markings can be linked to your security systems.

Compatibility with most browsers – Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

Compliance – with Email Protective Marking Standards for the UK (GPMS – GCSx CoCo 4.1) and Australian (EPMS 2012.3) Governments and it can be quickly configured for new, corporate or alternative schemes.

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