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Pure play data classification

Janusseal for Outlook makes it simple for users to assign a security classification to every email they send. In just a few seconds, sensitive information is effectively classified, reducing the risk of it being lost or mishandled.

Take Control Of Your Information Security

By empowering every member of your team with the tools to classify sensitive information, Janusseal for Outlook fosters a security-conscious culture, improves compliance, and provides added peace of mind that sensitive data won’t be accidentally lost or mishandled.

Quick To Set Up And Deploy

A simple add-on to Microsoft Outlook, Janusseal for Outlook is a scalable solution that easily integrates with email gateways and is centrally deployed via Microsoft Group Policy.

Intuitive and Easy To Use

For each email they create, people simply select a security classification from a list of your chosen labels, depending on their authority and clearance level.

Flexible and Adaptable

The adaptable solution can be easily configured to suit your organization’s requirements, ranging from general commercial use to military-grade classification.

Designated to Enhance Existing System 

Offering seamless integration with your existing IT security system, Janusseal for Outlook optimises performance of current solutions, maximises ROI and reduces costs by avoiding the need for new infrastructure.

Key Benefits

People are prompted to classify their email based on information sensitivity.

Visible classification labels alert recipients to the sensitivity level of the information they receive.

Classification can be embedded in metadata labels, enabling the existing security system to control access and distribution of sensitive information.

Multi-level classification and simple configuration create a practical, flexible solution.

The mandatory process ensures sensitive information is always classified.

By making people aware of sensitive information, Janusseal for Outlook dramatically reduces the risk of emails being misdirected or mishandled.

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