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Which Secure USB Drive Is Best For You?

This chart illustrates the many security features and options available with secure Kanguru Defender USB Drives to help you compare which device best meets your secure data requirements.

Kanguru Defender secure USB drives range from high USB security, government-certified FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria Certified drives, to cost-effective secure drives perfect for commercial and home use. All Kanguru Defender devices are AES 256-Bit Hardware Encrypted, and are remote-management-ready.

Sold as an optional feature, Kanguru Remote Management offers an unparalleled adminstrative level of security within a secure network to further protect an organization’s sensitive information on any secure Defender USB drive. Kanguru Remote management Console, (KRMC™) enables an adminstrator to monitor, track, manage and update an entire fleet of secure Defender drives. With KRMC, you can generate reports, notify users of policy updates, disable or delete lost or stolen USB drives, and much more.

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