KanguruClone™ Duplicators (CD, DVD, Blu-ray, HDD, SSD, NVMe SSD)

KanguruClone™ Duplicators

KanguruClone™ USB Duplicators

These high-quality USB Duplicators are designed to streamline data duplication and backup activities for USB storage devices. As stand-alone units, they do not require a computer to use. The user-friendly LCD interface and intuitive menu enable you to copy data to multiple USB devices quickly and easily. Simply plug your USB devices into the duplicator’s USB ports and choose your duplication method. It’s that easy!

These units are perfect for sales and marketing preparation, IT work, backups, PC rollouts and more. It has multiple functions which allow you to copy, compare, verify and erase data to your USB devices. It also provides numerous setup and advanced setup options for the experienced user.

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1-To-31 Kanguru USB Duplicator
1-To-23 Kanguru USB Duplicator
Duplicate Up To 23 USB Devices at Once
1-To-15 Kanguru USB Duplicator
Duplicate Up To 15 USB Devices at Once
1-To-7 Kanguru USB Duplicator
Duplicate Up To 7 USB Devices at Once


• High-Speed USB2.0, Up To 33MB/s Per USB Port*
• Supports USB devices Up To 2TB capacity
• Complete Stand-Alone Operation, No Computer Required
• Synchronous and Asynchronous Duplication
• Size and Brand Independent
• Supports All Data Formats With Sector-by-Sector Duplication
• Secure Erase Feature Wipes Drives and Prevents Data from Being Recovered
• 4 Shortcut Keys for Easy Operation
• USB Pre-Scan Checks Your Source USB Device for Physical Read Errors
• 1 year limited warranty

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KanguruClone™ Duplicators (CD, DVD, Blu-ray, HDD, SSD, NVMe SSD)

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