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Netskope Private Access

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) – Fast and secure access for the modern hybrid workforce.

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Cloud-Based Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Netskope Private Access, a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution, seamlessly connects authenticated users anywhere, using any devices to private resources in data centers and public cloud environments. Built on the NewEdge security private cloud, NPA delivers fast and direct application connectivity, ensuring a superior user experience.

Netskope Private Access for ZTNA
NPA enhances security posture, speeds up cloud migration, simplifies IT infrastructure, and enables organizations to move toward a secure mote access architecture built with zero trust.

Key Benefits

Zero Trust Network Access to Private Applications

Protect data and resources with application-level access control based on user identity and device security posture.

Superior User Experience

Boost worker productivity with easy, fast frictionless connectivity to applications regardless of where they are hosted, without the frustration of using multiple VPN gateways and associated latency or broken apps and other problems.

Direct & Fast connectivity to Public Cloud Environments and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Bypass complex network routing and provide secure connectivity to applications hosted in the public cloud environments using Netskope NewEdge security private cloud, high performance, highly available, and extensively peered with cloud service providers.

Simplify Operations

Built on the Netskope SASE platform that unifies ZTNA, CASB, SWG and Cloud Firewall with one client, one policy engine and a single management console, providing consistent policy enforcement, ease of management and visibility.

Reduce Attack Surface

Minimize attack surface area by eliminating the exposure of protocols and services to the public internet.

Use Cases

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Augment Remote Access VPN

Provide application access for authenticated and authorized users. Reduce the risks and exposure associated with remote Access VPN.

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3rd Party Access / BYOD

Safely provision access to contractors, suppliers, and other 3rd party users using the browser access (clientless) to web applications.

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Cloud Migration

Set up and deploy in minutes. Seamless direct access to resources hosted in public cloud environments, without the complex network routing.

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M&A Integration

Provide day-one access to internal resources without the complexity of combining networks.

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DevOps Access

Native access to resources regardless where they are hosted to data center and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

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Security Transformation

Apply Zero Trust principles to application access. Reduce overall attack surface area by eliminating the exposure of protocols and services to the public internet.

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