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Netwrix Data Classification

The variety of ways organisations create, store and share data is mind-blowing, making it harder and harder for you to identify what need to be protected.

Netwrix Data Classification enables you to accurately identify and classify sensitive and business-critical content across your organisation, therefore mitigating the risk of data breaches and satisfying compliance requirements with less effort and expense.

Key Features

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High fidelity data classification

Focus your security efforts on truly sensitive data. Ensure high-accuracy classification results with our unique compound term processing and statistical analysis technology, instead of simply relying on keywords and Regex matching.

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Predefined classification rules

Kick-off your discovery in minutes with out-of-the-box rules that identify data protected by GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA and other regulations. Create custom rules to find other data that matters to your organisation.

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DSAR search engine

Reduce the cost and effort associated with the flow of DSAR requests. Let your compliance administrator run the searches via a dedicated interface without the need to spam your inbox with requests to find info on a specific person.

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Automated risk remediation

Protect sensitive files by automatically moving them to a safe area, removing permissions from global access groups and redacting confidential content from documents.

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Accurate data tagging

Embed classification information right into the files to improve the accuracy of your DLP or IRM products and streamline data management tasks, such as retaining, archiving or migrating only specific types of data.

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ROT data detection

Minimise the risks and costs associated with storing the data you don’t need by carefully pinpointing outdated records or duplicates, that can be safely archived or removed. Automate this process to save your valuable time.

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Accurate search of data

Find specific data as part of litigation process or internal investigations without downtime or having to create new rules.

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Customisable classification

Identify and secure data specific to your organisation, without costly professional services to create a custom classification. Instead, create and modify classification criteria in a user-friendly interface with the help of ML-based suggestions.

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Enhanced data security

Integrate Netwrix Data Classification with Netwrix Auditor to see who has access to sensitive data, how they are using this access, and get alerted on suspicious activity around sensitive data.

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