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Netwrix GroupID

With Netwrix GroupID automate and delegate directory group and user management.

The user accounts and groups in your Active Directory and Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) provide access to your sensitive data and systems. But trying to manage groups and users manually is a huge burden on your precious IT resources and often leads to errors that create security vulnerabilities. Learn how Netwrix GroupID streamlines user and group management to increase IT productivity and enhance security.

Key Features

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Effortlessly keep groups current

Create queries that dynamically determine group membership based on users’ current attributes. In addition, ensure any attribute change to a parent group is automatically reflected in its child groups.

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Automate user provisioning and deprovisioning

Automatically provision and deprovision user accounts by syncing data from an authoritative source such as your HRIS platform. 

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Link groups and users across directories

Sync changes to groups and users across identity stores in near real time — without any third-party connector. 

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Automate lifecycle enforcement

Use attestation workflows to ensure users and groups are deprovisioned when they are no longer able to validate their active status in the directory. 

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Delegate password reset to users

Improve user productivity and satisfaction while reducing helpdesk workload by enabling users to securely reset their own passwords. 

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Delegate group management

Allow users to request the access they need and empower resource or group owners to approve or deny those requests via automated workflows.

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