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Eliminating Malware for Safe File Usage

Traditional anti-malware solutions are based on detection methods, and as a result, they lack the ability to detect Zero-Day attacks. odix’s Detection less patented process handles all types of commonly used files and uses a unique mathematical algorithm specially adapted to each file type which disarms any hidden malicious code.

odix-based solutions provide dramatically enhanced information security for organisations, without compromising system performance. The solution comprises several components based on odix’s core True Content Disarm and Reconstruction (TrueCDR™) technology.

Solutions: Empowering Deep File Inspection and TrueCDR™ Technology


FileWallTM is a native file sanitization plugin for all Office 365 mailboxes.

Leveraging odix’s unique content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) technology, FileWall complements Microsoft’s Exchange Online Protection (EOP) & Defender (formerly Advanced Threat Protection – ATP), providing effective, real-time protection against email attachment-based attacks.


Eliminating the Threat of Malware from Removable Media

The odix Kiosk is powered by the field-proven Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) engine from odix Security. This patented technique detects, disarms, and rebuilds files into safe versions that can be brought into any network without risk. odix Kiosk utilises odix CDR technology to remove both known and unknown malicious code from a broad variety of file types.


Eliminating the threat of hidden malware and embedded malicious code in all commonly used files

Files are safely deconstructed and reassembled in real time using odix NetFolder. Sanitized files maintain all of their original functionality and are completely safe to use. NetFolder significantly improves information security without impairing system performance or business continuity.

Key Benefits

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odix leverages its proprietary True Content Disarm and Reconstruction (True CDR™) technology. While legacy solutions such as Anti-virus blocks files from known malware only, odix’s TrueCDR™ processes the files and perform a unique sanitisation process from any malware.

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Deep File Inspection

odix’s process is transparent to end-users, keeping the original file format without losing files features; for example, a *.DOCX file will remain a *.DOCX file. The Deep File Inspection process provides sanitised files and not just blocks files like any other legacy solution.

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Supported Files

 The list of supported files types includes diverse formats such as Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, PNG, MP3, ZIP, nested files, and much more.

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Seamless API for ISV Files

Independent software vendors can benefit from the odix CDR API and easily add file sanitisation capability to their apps.


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