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Portable Media Security


USB drives, thumb drives, CD/DVDs, and external hard drives are common data transfer vectors vulnerable to malware attacks (for example bad USB). They are also one of the most deadly industrial control system diseases.

Users carelessly attach removable media to network-connected endpoints without applying anti-malware solutions. Allowing files and data into your business is crucial to maintaining productivity and preventing cyber security breaches.

Using legacy systems slows or blocks processes, reducing productivity. Moreover, typical solutions only work against known threats, not new or unknown malware.

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Why odix Kiosk

The odix Kiosk is a Linux-based protected workstation for safely importing files. The odix cybersecurity Kiosk has no hard drive and runs on SATADOM, eliminating the risk of malicious manipulation.

odix Kiosks are conveniently located throughout the office space for users to plug in removable media sources instead of attaching them to their own devices. In seconds, files are cleaned and emailed to users. odix Kiosk is ideal for transferring data from USB flash drives to a network (or other devices).

Sanitise Files on the Move

A secure and simple way to scan and sanitise files on the move. Works with any network files application.

Reduces Malicious Manipulation

The odix Kiosk is a Linux-based hardened workstation dedicated to safely introducing files from removable media. The odix cybersecurity Kiosk has no hard disk, and both the operating system and software are SATADOM-based – completely neutralising the possibility of malicious manipulation.

Files Sensitization 

Conveniently placed at central locations throughout the office space, users go to odix Kiosks to plug in any removable media sources – instead of attaching them to their own devices. In just seconds, incoming files are sanitised and forwarded to users via email. odix Kiosk is a perfect solution for secured data exchange from USB flash memory devices to a network (or other devices).

Key Benefits

Most Secured Solution

Most secured solution for scanning removable media, based on most advanced file sanitisation technology (CDR). Sanitisation is performed on the Kiosk itself, not
inside the network.

The Management-Server is separated from the Kiosk itself for better security.

Strengthen the Security Posture

Use of Linux operating system, booted from a LiveCD configuration (no rewritable component on the Kiosk, only ROM+RAM).

Reinforced Linux operating system and operating environment

Smart Management Server

Easy enforcement of corporate security policy with a Management server.

The management server is connected to –

Organisational Active Directory (AD) server to identify the users of the sanitising stands

Organisational file server to which all sanitised files are transferred

Convenient and User-friendly

Architecture that enables easy expansion and integration of dedicated filters

Convenient and user-friendly interface

Easy deployment and Easy configuration

odix solutions


Files are safely deconstructed and reassembled in real time using odix NetFolder. Sanitised files maintain all of their original functionality and are completely safe to use. NetFolder significantly improves information security without impairing system performance or business continuity.


Leveraging odix’s unique content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) technology, FileWall complements Microsoft’s Exchange Online Protection (EOP) & Defender (formerly Advanced Threat Protection – ATP), providing effective, real-time protection against email attachment-based attacks.

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