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Portal26 stands when all other security controls are breached

Select the building blocks you need to suit your architecture. Built-in or bolt-on. Cloud, Prem, or Hybrid. Modern or Legacy. Your systems, your schema. Your data. Fully encrypted and fully usable at the same time. 

Portal26 Products

Portal26 Vault

Portal26 Vault provides a highly secure encrypted analytic datastore that retains FIPS 140-2 level encryption on structured and unstructured data while still supporting full-featured search and analytics. Portal26 Vault can be used to build brand new applications or be combined with existing architectures.

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Portal26 Plugin

Portal26 Plugin secures existing data platforms by retaining encryption while data is queried and analyzed. Data can be released in nine private formats including traditional and format-preserving encrypted, tokenized, masked, or redacted. The Plugin is currently available for Elasticsearch and OpenSearch.

Portal26 Proxy

Portal26 Proxy can be used to provide strong encryption and privacy controls for data stores that do not support plugins. Currently available for AWS S3. Azure Blob and Google Cloud Store, the Portal26 Proxy not only protect data inside these big data platforms but also enables a full-featured search inside the stored data.

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Portal26 Translation Service

Portal26 Translation Service is an API-based service that allows data to be translated between clear text and nine private formats including traditional encryption, format-preserving encryption, tokenization, and masking. Portal26 Translation Service can Stanton its own or be combined with any other product.

Portal26 Studio

Portal26 Studio brings all Portal26 Products together in a visual interface that allows customers to manage their Portal26 services as well as encryption keys in one place. It also provides dashboards and reports that visualize data protection and in the event of an attack, it provides evidence that valuable data retained encryption.

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Portal26 BYOK

Portal26’s rich Bring Your Own Key capabilities comes standard with all Portal26 products. Customers can utilize external keys from their own key vaults across clouds and on-premises. When individual keys are turned off, that sliver of data becomes unusable while the rest of the application retains full functionality.

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