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Many security tasks. One solution

Safetica ONE is the only mature data security solution designed for SMBs and enterprises’ scalability and needs. Get your valuable data under control in a short period. Extend data loss prevention beyond data loss prevention with holistic behavior analysis to detect insider threats even earlier and respond even before they become incidents. Optimize costs by leveraging insights on the company’s workspace, digital assets, and operations.

How Safetica One Works

Data flow discovery and risk detection

Safetica audits and logs any attempt to leak data, whether deliberate or accidental, regardless of where the sensitive information is stored or who has accessed it. Safetica’s risk analysis enables you to identify and investigate potential data leaks or thefts.

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Data protection & employee guidance

Anyone can make an error that jeopardizes your business. Safetica ONE enables you to monitor insider risks, recognize hazards, and promptly neutralize them. Notifications regarding how to treat sensitive data can assist boost employee awareness and educating them about data security.

Regulatory compliance

Safetica ONE helps you detect and prevent regulatory violations and investigate incidents to comply with regulations and data protection standards like GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, PCI-DSS, GLBA, ISO/IEC 27001, or CCPA.

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Workspace & behavior analysis

Workspace and user behavior analysis adds degree of depth to the process of identifying internal hazards. Also, by understanding how your employees work, print, and use expensive hardware and software licenses can optimize your costs and increase operational efficiency.


Protect your Business

  • Prevent data loss and insider threat
  • Protect your valuable company resources, sensitive data, and other critical assets
  • Safely grow your company with efficient operations and peace of mind
  • Future-proof your company by securing its biggest asset
  • Educate your employees effortlessly, just by using the application

Fits right into your Ecosystem

  • Full-suite data security platform
  • Integrate into the security stack with Microsoft 365, SIEM, or network security
  • Scalability and low maintenance by leveraging end-user interaction
  • Scalability and automation of maintenance by leveraging end-user interaction
  • Rapid deployment time and low hardware requirements
  • Support on-premises or cloud

One solution Three choices

Safetica ONE Discovery

Detect hidden security threats quickly and easily

Understand sensitive data flow. Get security & regulatory audits to discover internal risks.

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Safetica ONE Protection

Eliminate the risk of losing sensitive information

Secure your sensitive data with Dynamic Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Insider Threat Protection.

Safetica ONE Enterprise

Protect your assets in complex

Enterprise data security stack. Maximum integration and workflow support.

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Enhance your data protection solutions with extra modules

Safetica UEBA

  • Safetica UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics)
  • Understand actual user activity and behavior in detail
  • Get a comprehensive overview of work time usage
  • Use the insight to secure your data and workspace

Safetica Mobile

  • Protect data on mobile devices, e.g., smartphones and tablets
  • Get an overview of mobile device status to identify risks
  • Audit activity both within apps and on websites

Safetica Data Channels Covered

Safetica keeps data protected across a multitude of channels and platforms, ensuring your data is
secure wherever it resides or flows.

Safetica Platform

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Report & Alerts
  • Easily customizable reports
  • Real-time incident alerts
  • Granular log access management
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  • Platform-independent protection
  • Ready for a hybrid cloud environment
  • Remote work and virtualization support
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GDPR & Compliance
  • Complete control of personal data
  • Best practice recommendations
  • OCR and 3rd party classification support

Features & Benefits

Learn the features and benefits of why Safetica ONE is an all-in-one data security solution designed for scalability and meets the needs of SMBs and enterprises.

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