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senhasegura securely centralizes all of your credentials.

senhasegura is privileged access management (Gartner Challenger) software solution that stores, manages and monitors all credentials, such as passwords, SSH keys and digital certificates, in a secure digital vault. Using encryption mechanisms, the password vault offers users the ability to use only one password to access a series of credentials registered in the solution.

Additionally, senhasegura can be used to access all network resources through SSH and RDP protocols, storing all records of their use for audit and compliance analysis purposes. Its intelligence allows for real-time analysis of actions taken by users and alerts generation to identify fraud or inappropriate action.

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How senhasegura PAM Works

Password Lifecycle

Passwords, like many other components of technology infrastructure, have a life cycle: they are created to grant users access to their activities and remain valid for a specified period of time before being changed.

Users may forget their passwords during this cycle, denying them access at frequently critical times. By facilitating credential management within the organisation and the implementation of password policies, deploying senhasegura reduces costs and risks.

Functionalities of Privileged Access Management

Social Networks

Manage and keep the credentials of the social networks of your company protected against undue publications and users with bad intentions.

Scan & Discovery

Perform the search for devices  and credentials in your network  in an automatized manner and  keep the solution prepared to  serve all the access demands.

Logged Session

Define the users who will execute the logged session,  monitored and 100% recorded,  including simultaneous sessions.

Session Recording

Record 100% of the remote sessions performed in senhasegura in compact videos in excellent quality, including simultaneous sessions.

Automatic Change

Automatically change the passwords every time the authorized expiration use is finished. Ensure the undertaking of each password.

Approval Workflow

Keep control of the access to a managed device or a personal credential through a multilevel and flexible approval workflow.


Bring to senhasegura the integration credentials between systems, databases or configured in source

Jump Server

Accesses via Putty or RDP may be performed through monitored sessions, without the password being exposed to the requiring user.

Commands Audit

Configure commands alerts in SSH sessions, Telnet and databases even for administrator users.

Multiple Custody

Stablish double custody of passwords and keep the conformity with your security and audit controls.

Key Benefits

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Plug-and-Play Full-Stack Platform

With each product component connected, your organization will get a faster return on investment without additional infrastructure costs. 

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No Hidden Costs

It allows the organization to plan a more accurate volume of investment while deploying the PAM solution in its critical environment.

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Easy Integration

senhasegura has integration features recognized by Gartner from open connectors, which allows a new integration in less than 4 hours.

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Cloud Identity & Governance

senhasegura allows to include Cloud Identity and Governance directly in the PAM solution, which simplifies and reduces costs for customers.

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Intuitive User Interface

With an intuitive interface, implementation and support training becomes faster and easier, so that users can use all the solution’s functions, from the simplest to the most complex task without issues.

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High-performance Hardware

PAM Crypto Appliance was designed for active-active and active-passive configuration scenarios. This allows members to be added to the cluster continuously that results in better scalability.

senhasegura 360° Privilege Platform

For senhasegura, protection, access, and confidentiality of privileged information are
fundamental rights of any organization and society as a whole.

Certifications & Awards

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