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PAM Core

360° Privilege Platform


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Manage the full cycle of privilege credentials

Centralized access management is intended to protect and govern the use of generic and high-privilege credentials by ensuring secure storage, access segregation, and complete usage tracking.

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How PAM Core Works

By configuring Access Groups, you can define the administrator users who will have permission to receive a physical access password and the group of users who can use the remote access offered by the solution to access a target device or system. All cases may follow approval workflows and reasons provided by the requesting user.

Technical Features

Password storage using strong encryption standards (AES 256, SHA 256, RSA 2048 bits or higher and FIPS 140-2), and also using HSM devices. Integration with leading directory services for managing groups and access profiles, and thus controlling credential use.

How PAM Core Helps

Secure Storage of Credentials 

Passwords change according to a predetermined time of use or after consultation. Automated password change on the main technological platforms, such as networks, servers, databases, web applications, and security equipment. Emergency access for immediate password viewing, with reason, and alert to responsible parties if the approver is unavailable. It offers dual password custody to ensure that there is more than one presence in access.

Access Segregation Based on User Profiles

Adaptability in the approval process for privileged account access (pre-approved accesses, accesses with single or multiple approvals). Multiple users can request access to the same privileged account without jeopardising usage traceability.


Integration with the Help Desk and Change Management tools to validate the reason provided by the requesting user.

Key Benefits

Transparent Authentication

Transparent authentication on the target system or network device without displaying the password to network administrators or third parties

Secure password delivery guarantee

Security Compliance

Gain in security levels

Compliance with security standards

senhasegura 360° Privilege Platform

For senhasegura, protection, access, and confidentiality of privileged information are
fundamental rights of any organization and society as a whole.

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