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Restrict user privileges on endpoints

Allows the execution of Run As feature on local workstations to run applications that require privileges

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How senhasegura for Windows Works

Authorized applications to use privilege elevation are previously listed in the solution, and their use is restricted to authorized users only.

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How senhasegura for Windows Helps

Administrative Privilege

senhasegura. Go allows invoking administrator privileges to run applications, taking into account lists of authorized actions to execute. It provides access to Windows Control Panel with administrative privileges, including features like date and time change functions.

Automated Access

Execution and automated access to applications through automation macros with predefined actions by the administrator.

Key Benefits

Security Compliance

Overcome the challenges of implementing regulatory controls such as PCI, ISO, SOX, GDPR, and NIST, with automation of privileged access controls to achieve maturity in the audited processes

All requests to use administrative credentials are logged in session logs, bringing greater traceability of actions and making it easy to audit privileged activities and actions.

Administrative Privilege

senhasegura.go allows segregating access to sensitive information, isolating critical environments and correlating events to identify any suspicious behavior. It is possible to avoid data leaks, one of the greatest challenges in privileged users management.

Allows for user-specific control of allowed, notified, and blocked actions, decreasing the danger of malicious software installation and privilege misuse.

senhasegura 360° Privilege Platform

For senhasegura, protection, access, and confidentiality of privileged information are
fundamental rights of any organization and society as a whole.

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