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Privileged Access Management as a Service

Centralized access management in the as-a-service model, to protect and control the use of impersonal and high-privilege credentials, providing secure storage, segregation of access, and total usage traceability, all delivered as a service.

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How SaaS Access Works

senhasegura SaaS is delivered as a service installed and configured at the cloud provider with controlled access via senhasegura Access Gateway configured on the corporate network. Installed, configured, and delivered to a Cloud provider with high availability and security.

Technical Features

Password storage using strong encryption standards (AES 256, SHA 256, RSA 2048 bits or higher and FIPS 140-2), and also using HSM devices. Integration with leading directory services for managing groups and access profiles, and thus controlling credential use.

How SaaS Access Helps

Secure Storage of Credentials 

Passwords change according to a predetermined time of use or after consultation. Automated password change on the main technological platforms, such as networks, servers, databases, web applications, and security equipment. It offers dual password custody to ensure that there is more than one presence in access. It allows both internal and external users to enter credentials (passwords) in secure access sessions without users knowing or seeing which credentials were used, dramatically reducing the chances of phishing or misuse. 

Recording of Session

.Session recording feature with video storage for mapping and traceability of all actions performed on devices managed by the solution. Lets the information security department track user activities and detect suspicious events in real-time.


Integration with the Help Desk and Change Management tools to validate the reason provided by the requesting user. Integrates with the main directory services for managing Groups and Access Profiles, and thus controlling the use of credentials.

Key Benefits

Transparent Authentication

Transparent authentication on the target system or network device without displaying the password to network administrators or third parties

Assurance of password delivery in a secure and controlled manner

Reduced CAPEX

Delivered in the cloud, there is no need for additional infrastructure investments

Reduces administrative overheads


Full control over license costs through flexible plans based on contracting licenses/devices

Fast deployment and self-scaling

High Availability

Backup made directly to the senhasegura Gateway on the corporate network, not depending
on internet access to backup files during an emergency

High availability and backup features

senhasegura 360° Privilege Platform

For senhasegura, protection, access, and confidentiality of privileged information are
fundamental rights of any organization and society as a whole.

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