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Securely control the SSH key cycle

Secure storage, rotation and control of accesses for SSH key protection.

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How SSH KEY Management Works

The SSH key management is centralized in the solution, which automatically switches key pairs according to your company’s security policies.

Technical Features

Encryption of stored SSH keys and all communication through them.

How SSH Key Management Helps

SSH Key Identification & Publishing

It aids in Linux server scanning and SSH key identification. SSH keys can be reset with manual publishing. The management can access reports and logs on the use of SSH keys.

Key Benefits

Track & Monitor SSK Keys

Centralized management of SSH keys

Control and traceability of SSH keys use

Block Unauthorize Access

Blocking unauthorized access to privileged accounts using SSH keys

Management of trust relationships between SSH keys and systems

senhasegura 360° Privilege Platform

For senhasegura, protection, access, and confidentiality of privileged information are
fundamental rights of any organization and society as a whole.

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